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It's the Economy, Stupid - Live with Bob Henley

Apr 06, 2013

Posting made by Thom Mills of the BibleStudyStorehouse.com

It's the Economy, Stupid - Live with Bob Henley

We know it's short notice, but this is your invite to join Bob Henley (and maybe myself in some form) for a live discussion on the economy post Cyprus this Sunday April 7th at 7:30 Central, 8:30 Eastern, 5:30 Pacific

NOTE: This session will be LIVE and will NOT be recorded. Viewing methods noted below.

Bob will be looking at current and relevant topics including:

  • The direction of the world economy
  • expected fall out from events in Cyprus, on going world wide debt and money printing
  • Insights and application on a personal level

Bob will also be taking your questions .. how to ask noted below.

I would highly recommend reviewing Bob's recent weblog entires at www.servias.org so that you are up to speed. Stephen, of course has also been dealing with these topics in recent entries.

How to Watch

You can watch right here in this weblog entry. The following window will show the video when it's live.

Free live streaming by Ustream

You can also watch:

How to Ask Questions

You can ask your questions via:

  • When watching at the uStream site or via the mobile app, you can ask your questions via the Social Stream feature. Note that you may need a Facebook account to use this feature.
  • Via WiseFire.tv's Main Room Chat feature.
  • If either of these do not work for you, you can email questions to Thom who will get them to Bob via orders@biblestudystorehouse.com before or during the session.

If you plan on watching and / or asking questions please send an email to orders@biblestudystorehouse.com

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