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Has the endgame begun?

Apr 23, 2013

The recent drop in silver and gold prices have resulted in a tremendous increase in demand for physical metal. Under normal circumstances, high demand would bring higher prices, but these are not normal circumstances. This is a case of big banks helping the Fed manipulate the price of gold and silver downward in order to make the dollar look stronger.

But the underlying problem is that the dollar is weak and getting weaker each month as the Fed creates another $85 billion out of nothing. That’s just the figure that they admit openly.

It may be that the price of metals will continue to drop. Some say the price of gold may drop to $1000 or even lower. But keep in mind that this is only the price of a piece of paper or an electronic entry. It is not the price of actual gold, unless a seller is really willing to part with his physical gold for that price.

Premiums are getting higher and higher. A premium is the difference between the spot price and the actual price that the buyer has to pay from a dealer. I remember back in 2003, when I first bought some silver, the premium was just 15 cents. Then it was 50 cents. Then a dollar. Two weeks ago it was $3.00 at the same coin dealer. But now, the dealer tells me that his big supplier is charging an $8 premium, and, of course, the dealer has to charge a few dollars himself to make a profit. That is an $11 premium right now.

This is confirmed here:


 “Gold and Silver shortages are increasing. However the current spot for paper silver is around $23USD. However, PREMIUMS are at $10 or higher per coin.

“The paper market price and the physical price are starting to decouple. This is going to be fun to watch.

“Hang onto your physical if you have any as this circus is just getting started. These are ebay links. My coin shop in my town does not have any of these coins available at the moment.”

Why? It is because in spite of the drop in the spot price, silver is becoming so scarce that it is difficult to find any for sale any more. A friend of mine recently bought a box of silver eagles, and the dealer told him that it was the last box of silver eagles on the West Coast.

Another man I know placed an order for 60 silver eagles, but was told that it might take weeks to get the order filled. In fact, he said, ALL FORMS OF SILVER were now in tight supply, and any orders would be delayed indefinitely.

This is why premiums are going through the roof. It is because the supply of silver is so tight.

And yet the price of silver continues to go down??? Can you smell Manipulation?

Read more here:


Even gold, pricey as it is, is in short supply. I reported a few weeks ago that AMRO, the huge European bank, has now refused to give people gold that they had ordered by contract. Before that, when Germany wanted the Fed to ship them their gold that the Fed had been storing for them, they were told that it would be shipped over a period of seven years.

Seven years? There is no reason for that--unless the Fed no longer has it in the vault.

Other people are now reporting the same. Jim Sinclair just reported that a friend of his wanted his gold where he had been storing it in a large Swiss bank. The bank refused to give it to him, telling him he had to take cash instead. Cash? The whole idea behind owning gold is to get it out of cash. In essence, the bank was demanding that the gold owner sell his told to the bank! For cash. At the manipulated low price. Sinclair continued:

Sinclair:  “The vicious and blatant manipulation of the gold price (lower) via paper, on Friday and on Monday, may very well be the biggest mistake that the manipulators ever conceived of.  I firmly believe it revealed that the price of gold has nothing to do with gold itself.

But I would add that if in fact the physical demand remains at these levels or even increases as the price of gold rises, I believe that the warehouses for the exchanges will be so significantly drawn down that it will force cash settlement. 

The bottom line here is the paper market for gold may have just lit itself on fire, and served to burn the manipulators’ houses to the ground.  You’ve heard of the phrase, ‘The emperor has no clothes.’  Well, this is infinitely worse because it is finally being revealed that the paper market for gold, in fact, has no gold.”


India and China are buying gold as fast as they can. If anyone is willing to sell them gold at such ridiculous prices, they are ready buyers. China has already imported 1000 tons of gold this year. Gold shops in India are having a difficult time keeping up with demand.


Given the fact that the silver/gold manipulators can sell virtually any quantity that they wish—in the form of paper contracts—they can always overwhelm every seller and drive the spot price down to zero. They are too big to fail in this way, too. But all they are really doing is separating the industry into two distinct markets: the paper market and the physical market. At some point the paper market will be irrelevant to the physical market.

In other words, if the spot price of gold were to go down to zero, the dealers would simply demand a $2000 premium for any gold that they sell.

If the spot price for silver went down to zero, the dealers would just have a $30 premium (or more) on any sale of physical silver. Rising premiums are simply filling in the price gap.

Some people think the price will continue to drop, and so they are going to wait a few more weeks to buy physical silver or gold. They will probably discover that there is no available silver or gold anywhere near that price. The best they can do is go online and purchase paper contracts, which will then have to be cashed out in US dollars when they come due. Anyone can speculate with paper products, but if you actually want something real, you will have to get it while it is available.

It looks to me like this is the final mother-of-all-manipulations taking place just before the actual price of metal goes through the roof, as the dollar value collapses.

I have long believed that when the price of silver hits $50/oz, it will be a major sign of the collapse of Babylon. The silver kingdom (Medo-Persia—see Daniel 2:32) is taking over the Babylonian head of gold. Even the Babylonian bankers seem to be afraid of $50 silver. Two years ago, when silver hit $49.84/oz, the manipulators panicked and raised the margin requirements for those purchasing silver. This meant that buyers were put at a disadvantage over the sellers, and this brought the price back down to the $30 range.

That was a close call, and it shows that the bankers themselves are afraid of crossing the $50 mark for silver. Two years ago, they were able to manipulate the price of real silver by manipulating the price of paper contracts. This time around, it appears that their strategy is failing. Fewer and fewer dealers are willing to part with their real silver for under $30, and as the price drops, the premiums continue to rise.

In other words, the more the price drops, the more it stays the same.

The effect is that the prices end up remaining fairly stable for real silver. Only the paper contracts are dropping in value, because the big manipulators are pretending to sell what they don’t have, while buyers are now discovering that their contracts can only be fulfilled in more US dollars.

When every trader comes to see this, the market will close. The sellers will have nothing to sell, and the buyers will cease to pay gold prices for toilet paper.

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