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CNN's iReport on Iraq

Apr 10, 2013

This report contains some items of interest in regard to the Iraqi dinar and its revaluation. It also confirms that the US Treasury owns a few trillion dinar and suggests a proper use for them after they are revalued.

Furthermore, it is important as United States people to understand that our government owns several Trillions Iraq Dinars. In fact, it has been confirmed through independent third parties conversations with US Congressman that the United States Treasury holds more than three (3) Trillion Iraq Dinars.

The International Monetary Fund as well as world governments announced some time ago that with the release of the new world banking regulations – BASIL III – that world currencies would go through a shift in value. In fact, almost 200 nations have approved this process. This process of revaluation has been approved now for a couple of months and it is in the political positioning of individuals which has held the implementation of this revaluation to take place. Besides the issue of not allowing the Iraqi people to receive the personal wealth owed to them we should look at the intended purpose of the Trillions of Dinar which the United States government owns. What are these to be used for? As United States citizens whose tax dollars were used to pay for this war it would be more than appropriate that the United States citizens require the use of the conversion of these Iraqi Dinars to pay for the US Debt associated with the Iraqi Wars and the balance of which be returned to the United States citizens who sacrificed their hard earned money to pay for this in the form of a tax dividend.


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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