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Will panic begin Monday or Tuesday?

Mar 22, 2013

The IMF's theft of Russian money seems to be getting a strong reaction, if the report (below) is true. Russia appears to be taking the IMF action personally as a declaration of financial war against them. This crisis has suddenly uncovered the fact that Cyprus is the financial capital of that part of the world, as its banking assets are 100 times larger than Cyprus' entire Gross National Product. Cyprus is like the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, or Dubai in the Middle East, or Singapore in the Far East.

Russia has done most of its international trade through Cyprus, and now the banks are closed while the government figures out if it wants to proceed with the grand theft on behalf of the IMF and Western banks. It looks like the trade wars have now broken out in an all-out banking war. Russia got caught in the middle, because it looks both East and West. This theft will certainly push them to the East, further reducing the influence and power of Mystery Babylon in the West.

The financial cold war has just turned hot. Russia will now do all they can to punish Europe financially, even as the Cypriots punish their banks and government for stealing their funds. The people of Cyprus have tremendous power right now, believe it or not. They have the power to collapse their own banks by removing their money or by refusing to deposit any cash in those banks. I see one of two scenarios: either the banks will never reopen, or, when they do reopen, the people will remove all their cash and destroy the banks that have robbed them. Either way, God has made His move on March 18, and said, "Check Mate."

We can now be thankful that our government has a Plunge Protection Team propping up the stock market. They are postponing the collapse of the big banks here so that we have some time to prepare for it. In other words, the market manipulators are now our best friends, ironically enough. Yet we seem to be near the same kind of crisis as in October of 2006, when we decreed "It is done" at Babylon, NY. I said then that if anyone had money in the stock market, they should consider other options within the coming year (to the end of 2007).

That was then. Now is now. As in 2006, we have again completed a significant prayer campaign against the red dragon. We might see some turmoil before the Father intervenes and provides the means to do the work ahead. At some point this crisis is probably going to hit the stock markets, which have reached new highs this month.

Here is the article. Be sure to watch the short video.


Russian Warning: Get All Your Money Out Of Western Banking And Financial Institutions “Immediately”!

President Putin has sent a memo to ALL embassy’s world wide today advising  both Russian citizens and companies to remove deposits out of ALL Westearn banks  immediately or risk losing your wealth....


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