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Review of past revelation from 2011

Mar 08, 2013

I wrote this on March 24, 2011.....


The revelation (from "Abriel") said that after the fall of Egypt's president Mubarak in 2011, two more nations would fall after we went to war with them. It is quite obvious that the first was Libya, since the UN resolution against Libya came on March 18, 2011.

The second appears to be Syria. At least, that's what is brewing right now. If the revelation is true and accurate, then the RV should take place shortly after America begins to openly fight against President Assad of Syria. (Up to now America's military involvement has been covert.)

We are again drawing near to March 18, or 3/18. This year it is the end of our prayer campaign. With the heightened tensions in Syria and the papal conclave in Rome, along with other hidden matters of great importance, this could be an interesting week ahead of us. Yet keep in mind that my own revelation about March 18, which I mentioned in the blog above, is that this date is just the "beginning," or a door opener. Many will not see personal results until afterward.

The news is all good. We have continual indications of total victory in this prayer battle.


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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