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Downgrading sin to aberrant behavior and now to misbehavior

Mar 03, 2013

A year ago homosexual priests were engaging in aberrant behavior.


Now they are simply misbehaving.


Perhaps the difference is that ordinary priests engage in aberrant behavior, while cardinals simply misbehave. It's too soon to tell if it depends on who does it or if the act itself is being downgraded. Homosexual acts used to be a sin. But when problem was seen to be so large that the church could not expel all of its homosexual priests without bringing about a disasterous shortage of priests, someone up there decided that it was in the best interest of the church to legalize their sin. This had to be done gradually, of course, so that the people would not revolt (or be revolted).

Hence, we are seeing sin become aberrant behavior last year and just misbehavior this year. Next year it will be worth a time out, by 2015 it will be worth a good laugh, and by 2016 no one will notice any more.

Then the heterosexual priests will leave, and by 2020 the Roman priesthood will become a gay men's club. By 2050 Catholics will deny that it was ever different.

As always, there is a solution. Christians ought to study the law with prayer and meditation, allowing the Holy Spirit to write the law on their hearts.



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Dr. Stephen Jones

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