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Chavez as a possible sign

Mar 06, 2013

Here is a response from a reader suggesting that the death of Hugo Chavez is a sign of the fall of the red dragon.

I wanted to write to you about the death of Hugo Chavez. My son-in-law is from Venezuela; he and my daughter were married last August. My son-in-law is a Christian, and his mother also came last summer. If you notice the photographs of Venezuela in the media right now, many Chavez supporters and government officials are wearing red. They both told me that Chavez and his party are obsessed with the color red. His mother said red dye is used so much by Chavez's government and supporters that if she needed red dye for anything, she usually couldn't get it from any store. She told me she hates the color red anymore. I thought this was significant in our prayer campaign against the Red Dragon.

My son-in-law talked to his family last week and they said that Hugo Chavez was probably already dead. In fact they believed this was so because the Panamian Ambassador revealed that Chavez died December 30th. I thought this may be significant and I wanted to share this information with you. My daughter and I are praying the Red Dragon and the demonic army is defeated. We are also praying for all the Christians who are involved in this prayer campaign.


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