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Warriors beat the (red) dragons

Feb 16, 2013

I received this letter from a friend across the pond. I take it as a revelation of victory before the battle even begins.


Hi Stephen,

I though you might like to know ahead of the spiritual warfare commencing on February 17 that on February 15, 2013,  the Scottish Glasgow Warriors defeated the Welsh Newport Gwent Dragons 60-3 in a professional rugby match.  The winners scored an unusually high number of eight converted tries, the equivalent of eight touchdowns.   They did this in spite of their international players being absent.  
You will notice that in the report they do not use the name Warriors but they do use the name Dragons.  I'm not sure why that is but the name of the Glasgow team is the Warriors.  The emblem of the Welsh team is of course the red dragon although they use only the dragon's red tail for the Newport Gwent team.


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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