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Update on the prayer campaign

Feb 22, 2013

It is now confirmed that this prayer campaign is also seeing some patterns emerge from previous prayer campaigns twelve years ago (2001).

I had suspected this when Pope Benedict announced that he would be abdicating on February 28, because this was the date of the Rose Earthquake near Seattle in 2001. A significant earthquake is often an indication of an economic, political or religious earthquake that shakes people.

I recalled that in 2001 we had a series of three prayer battles to overthrow the seven princes over America. The first battle was held February 26-28, which the Lord described as “all-out war,” because we had already been seeing lesser skirmishes as the conflict slowly came to a boil. It ended with the Rose Earthquake which cracked the Capitol dome in Olympia, Washington.

The quake’s epicenter was located just off the end of Key Peninsula near Tacoma. The tip of that peninsula is called Devil’s Head. I wrote about this earlier:


We understood at the time that this quake was the earthly manifestation—the shock wave—arising from spiritual warfare. It was also seen as an act of revenge, in that we were overthrowing the spirit of Revenge and Beelzebub, two of the princes. Because the quake was centered just off the coast, we also saw it as the slaying of Leviathan, which oppresses and misrules by the law of the high seas (admiralty law).

This past month friends have discerned that our present warfare is involving Leviathan once again.

Keep in mind that since the beginning of time men have been fighting the same battles in each generation. Because the spiritual realm is timeless, whenever men engage in spiritual warfare, their spirits are transported into that timeless realm. There they engage the enemy alongside of Daniel and all the prophets. So it should be no surprise that over the course of a few years in our own experience, we should see various prayer campaigns overlap with previous battles. After all, in the end it is all one battle. The victories that we experience are cumulative over time, and we have noticed that these overlaps occur most often on the same dates.

That is why we can make connections between Feb. 28, 2001 and Feb. 28, 2013. By the way, Feb. 28, 1991 (Purim) was also the end of the Gulf War. In 2001 we took note of the Hezekiah Factor (the all-important 10-year cycle) that connected 1991 with 2001.

Because I have kept records since 1981, I am able to look at many events from the past that have occurred on February 28 each year. So there are other pieces of the spiritual puzzle that give me a better understanding of what is going on now, but the length and complexity of each story makes it impractical for me to report everything in these reports.

You could, however, use the internal search engine on my web site and search for all the times that I mentioned Feb. 28 or February 28. I myself have not yet done that, so you may learn something that even I have not yet considered. And if you take the time to read the context to get the full story, you may obtain many hidden clues about the present warfare. The possibilities are almost endless, because each event may be connected by a known time cycle to other events in a web of events. Ultimately, all things are connected in some way, though some connections are quite distant. Such is the complexity of spiritual and prophetic things.

Getting back to my original point about the 2001 connections to 2013, Sunny Day was led to call for a meeting at the DoubleTree Park Place Hotel in St. Louis Park, MN on February 21, 2001. The main theme was about bearing fruit—hence, the double “tree,” which we related to the two trees in the Garden of Eden.

The Lord had revealed to me three weeks earlier (Feb. 2, 2001) that we would see “fruit” on February 21 at noon. I wrote about that story in my book, The Wars of the Lord, chapter 27. A woman from Wisconsin filed a complaint against us in the Divine Court on January 29, 2001, challenging our authority to overthrow the seven princes over America. We were led to follow Moses’ example in Numbers 17:1-6, laying up our spiritual “staves” before God. He would vindicate the proper authority by causing the staff or staves to bear fruit.

I wrote about this in chapter 28 of The Wars of the Lord,

“We did this [laying up the staves on Feb. 2, 2001], and the Lord said that we would receive His verdict at noon, February 21. As it turned out, this was the opening day of a short local conference called again by Sunny Day Roberts. Some friends, Tom and Michele Berry were led to attend, and their plane was scheduled to arrive at 11:32 a.m., Feb. 21. The Lord told me that they were the sign of the staves bearing fruit (“berries”), so I knew their plane would be a little late. Sure enough, it arrived precisely at noon—right on schedule, God’s time.”

(Actually, the plane arrived on time, but was forced to wait on the tarmac until another plane left the gate. I suspect that God arranged for the plane at the gate to run a few minutes late, so that the plane carrying the Berrys would arrive right at noon. I have long suspected that God was sovereign even in the little details.)

That is how we saw the sign that we indeed had been given the authority to engage in spiritual warfare to overthrow the seven princes over America. The first battle on Feb. 26-28, ending with the Rose Earthquake, was the first of many battles throughout the year 2001. That was an exceptional year of spiritual warfare, ending finally in November.

It should be apparent by now that it is not possible to write a simple statement about the significance of February 21, 2013. There is always much background necessary to convey any serious understanding of any event. But with this background that I have written here, I can say that we received confirmation from another friend that the revelation finally came today, allowing the coming prayer battle to be won.

There are historic, world-changing events being considered even now among the power brokers of the world, whose outcome is being determined by our present prayer campaign. Those on the front lines of this battle can do nothing apart from divine revelation, because the wisdom of men will not bring victory. For this reason, these believers have had to wait, even as Daniel had to wait 21 days for revelation (Daniel 10). According to the report, that necessary revelation came on February 21, 2013.

The revelation itself came to a key person that does not know me, has not read my books, and is simply following the leading of the Spirit with blind faith. That source has only been told (by my friend) that a group has been organized to provide prayer backing to ensure victory. I had suspected that we might see some sort of breakthrough on February 21, because there seemed to be a connection between now and the events in 2001 (i.e., bearing fruit).

From this, we might extrapolate that February 26-28 could see some echoes from the “all-out war” of 2001. In other words, February 28 is not the only date to watch. We may see a 3-day progression leading to the Pope’s abdication. But keep in mind that such progressions are from the spiritual realm, and so the events often appear to be unrelated.

On another note, I should also provide an early warning that we may see a major natural disaster occur during this prayer campaign. This is still unclear, but if it happens, I would expect it to happen on February 28 (as with the Rose Earthquake) or on other watch dates that we have yet to discuss. It may happen at the end of the prayer campaign (March 18) or shortly afterward. Or it may occur later on a time cycle that links it to this prayer campaign.

Right now, the discernment is dim, but real. I can only tell you to be watchful and to be led by the Spirit. If you are led by the Spirit, you will be protected in Christ, even if you were to find yourself in the middle of the disaster. If you are not led by the Spirit, you could be in danger no matter how far away you were. All who are part of this prayer campaign are protected as a group, wherever you are, even if you have little confidence in your ability to hear God’s voice and be led by the Spirit.

One final thought. When Daniel fasted 21 days before receiving the angelic visitation, it was in the third year of Cyrus (Daniel 10:1). This was the year that Cyrus the Persian came to Babylon and replaced his father-in-law, Darius the Mede. Darius had reorganized the Kingdom in Daniel 6:1-3 by this time, setting Daniel as the first of three governors (satraps). It was in the first year of Cyrus in Babylon that he issued his decree allowing the people of Judah and Benjamin to return to the land of Canaan (Ezra 1:1).

Babylon fell to the forces of Darius the Mede in 537 BC, and the decree of Cyrus was issued in 534. We know this, because it was the year that Judah’s Sabbath-year cycles resumed, as proven by historical accounts. And so, I see a connection between Daniel’s revelation and the present year, 2013, which the Lord has revealed to be “The Year of Release.”

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