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St. Paul's Wall Street floods

Feb 09, 2013

On January 3, 2013 a three-foot water pipe broke in downtown Minneapolis, sending a river of water down the streets of the city. We saw this as a sign of the flood of water coming from the mouth of the red dragon.

Last evening, February 8, 2013, a similar event occurred in St. Paul, the twin city to Minneapolis, as a 20-inch water pipe broke between 5th and 6th streets, sending a flood down Wall Street. (Yes, St. Paul has a its own Wall Street.)


An underground water main ruptured in downtown St. Paul late Friday, Feb. 8, sending an estimated 1.75 million gallons of water coursing through the streets of Lowertown, disrupting service and prompting the city to test the area's tap water.

The break in the 20-inch, 61-year-old main occurred around midnight on Wall Street, between Fifth and Sixth streets, with water cascading down Wall and Broadway streets toward Kellogg Boulevard for two hours.

It appears that we are seeing signs of the coming prayer battle that is scheduled to begin (resume) on February 17.

This may be a sign to watch the stock market (Wall Street in NY) for some volatility. If the stock market reflects this prayer campaign, we may all be able to watch the course of battle in the newspapers.


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