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Preparing for War

Feb 16, 2013

On January 28, 2013, after a lengthy conflict with the red dragon that began in early November, the warfare ended (as we soon learned) with a temporary cease fire. The warfare was not completed, but part one had ended, and soon preparations would be made to begin part two of the warfare on February 17.

During the interim, we saw some very significant developments. First, on January 28 Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands abdicated the throne in favor of her son, Prince William (of Orange). Take note of this, Willem, my friend. Your day is coming.


Then two weeks later, Pope Benedict XVI abdicated on February 11. The Benediction is usually spoken at the end of a religious service, and its primary purpose is to remove the curse. Remember that Rome sits on the knee of the harlot's leg at the 42nd lattitude. "Every knee will bow." It appears that great change is about to take place, as Rome may have a death-and-resurrection experience in the time ahead. It will no doubt be traumatic for some, but in the end it will be for the glory of God.


That same evening, it is said that lightning struck the Vatican. Of course, photos can be generated of almost anything, so it may be difficult to prove this event positively. Nonetheless, even a fake or counterfeit prophesies of something real.


Then more fireworks began to happen, as fireballs were reported over Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany on February 13.


The next day, February 14, a meteor was seen over Japan.


The next day, February 15, a large 45-meter asteroid called "2012 DA14" passed within 17,000 miles from the earth. At the same time a fireball was seen over Cuba, and an impressive meteor hit Russia, injuring 1000 people from flying glass as windows were blown out.



Do you get the feeling that Someone is making a statement? A few months ago the movie, Skyfall, was released. It showed the fall of Bond(age), and the rise of 007, a new man. His hobby was "resurrection." See the trailer here:


So we see the theme of death and resurrection involved.

Tomorrow we begin part two of our prayer campaign, Cosmic War II. It ends March 18, the day that was revealed in February 1986, "March 18 I set you free." At the time of this revelation, I did not know that October of 1986 would begin the 120th Jubilee from Adam. But now we see the movie industry prophesying once again, as they are releasing the film, Olympus Has Fallen, on March 22, 2013. It is a story about terrorists who take over the White House and take the president captive. Of course, in real life, President Obama is scheduled to make a trip to Israel on March 20, the Spring Equinox, when light and dark are equally balanced.

Twelve years ago, on February 28, 2001, a 6.8 Richter earthquake struck Washington state and cracked the Capitol dome in Olympia, Washington. The epicenter was in the water off the end of Key Peninsula. The tip of that peninsula is called "Devil's Head." That was the location of another prophetic work done by friends of ours who lived in the area at the time. Shortly before the quake, they went there to cut off the head. Then the earthquake struck, the Olympia dome cracked, and the state employees could not enter the building until it was fixed.

A pendulum in the vicinity of the quake moved across the sand and created a perfect rose in the sand. So although we see it as the Devil's Head quake, others call it the Rose Earthquake.


This event took place on the third and final day of a prayer campaign (Feb. 26-28, 2001), during which time I was led to fly to Seattle, Washington to conduct the warfare from there. Because the state of Washington is a prophetic type of Washington DC, we saw it as a sign of coming events in the Federal government. The date of February 28 has been important in a number of years, and now in 2013 we are told that it will be Pope Benedict's final day in office.

Whatever happens, we recall Obama's campaign slogan from five years ago, vowing to be "the administration of change." It appears that the real changes are to happen in his second term in office. It appears that we are now seeing the beginning of the real changes that will take place, for better or for worse.

Suggestions for the Prayer Campaign

First, be sure that you are protected. I suggest that you put on the full armor of God each morning. A model prayer, based on Ephesians 6, to be prayed at least once a day might be as follows:

"Father, I come before you in the name of Jesus and under His blood, asking to receive the full armor of God for my protection. I put on the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, and the shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace. I take also the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

"Let my spirit be joined in battle with the heavenly hosts, led by Jesus Christ, that I may do my part in this battle to advance the Kingdom of God. Increase my awareness of Your presence, that I may be led by the Spirit in all things and to overcome every challenge that comes my way. Grant us victory, I pray, in the name of Jesus.

"Thank-you, Heavenly Father, for answering my prayer and for making us more than conquerers in the name of Jesus. Amen."




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