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Preparing again for spiritual warfare

Feb 09, 2013

In the past few months we fought the red dragon in spiritual warfare from early November until January 27. I learned this morning that we are to prepare for a second prayer campaign that will begin February 17 and end on March 18.

We won the first war in the same sense that the First Gulf War was won against Iraq. America and the coalition forces “won” but did not complete the victory until 2003. So it is with us. We were unable to complete the victory in the time allotted to us.

Last November I received revelation that the new Prophetic Year began with Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012. The two 76-day periods of cleansing would extend from:

October 29 to January 13

January 13 to March 30

Shortly into this “Year of Release,” we were thrust into battle, and this became apparent in early December when a key woman (representing the Woman clothed with the sun in Revelation 12) went into hiding for eleven days. She is from Australia. At that point we began to understand that this battle was patterned after Revelation 12, and that our enemy was the red dragon. She reappeared on December 11, or 12/11.

The red dragon battle then continued, phase 1 extending from December 1-19, and phase 2 extending from December 29/30 to January 27.

On January 3 fires broke out in Australia, which began to hinder the same woman. But then a worse disaster occurred on January 16 when her business partner died. We learned later from another prophetic source that on January 15 a new demonic army had been released into the earth. The partner’s death delayed the work that they were doing on behalf of the Kingdom. In fact, to this day, the delay has not ended.

We ran out of time January 27 to complete this victory, and so we must again engage in spiritual warfare to finish the task at hand.

Meanwhile, we watched the Superbowl for revelation about the current situation and to understand the divine plan for the coming year. The fact that it was being held in New Orleans gave us a foundational revelation, because many years ago, in the early 1990’s, Ron was shown that New Orleans was a type of Nineveh and would see the story of Jonah played out symbolically over the years.

In the story of Jonah, Nineveh means “city of fish.” Jonah means “dove,” which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the overall story was about the Holy Spirit visiting Nineveh to bring repentance and revival to “that great city,” as it is called in Jonah 1:2, 3:2, and 4:11.

On a more individual level, the “sign of Jonah” was primarily to show that the Holy Spirit can indeed indwell a flesh body, something that many in those days did not believe. They did not understand how a good God could inhabit an evil body of flesh, as they believed that spirit was good and flesh was inherently evil (i.e., created by the Demiurge, a Greek name for the devil).

Jonah in the belly of the whale represented the indwelling Holy Spirit and “Christ in you” that was later to emerge as the manifested sons of God. This was made possible, of course, by Christ’s death into the belly of the whale (“heart of the earth”).

The whole story prophesies of the Restoration of All Things, in that Nineveh repented from the king down to the lowliest of the people. In that sense, it is connected to Mystery Babylon, which is also called “that great city” (Rev. 14:8) and to the New Jerusalem, which too is called “that great city” (Rev. 21:10). In other words, even as Nineveh, the oppressor of the house of Israel, was to repent and be turned into a city of fish (believers, or saints), so also the final oppressor, Mystery Babylon, (not the system but the people) is to be turned into citizens of the Kingdom.

This is what the Open Door Ministry is about. It is about converting Nineveh, transforming them from unbelievers to believers. The early church symbol for the Christians was the sign of the fish, because the Greek acronym for fish that is spelled:

Iesous Xristos, Theos, Huios, Soter (IXTHUS, or “fish”)

Translation: Jesus Christ, God, Son, Savior

At the start of Jesus’ ministry on earth, He called fisherman, saying, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). His ministry ended in John 21 with the disciples catching 153 fish, symbolic of their ministry. As Ron writes, “In other words, the fish are really men, who would be transformed into saints once they were caught in God’s fishing net.”

How does this relate to American football? The ball that we use is in the shape of a fish. The shape is the vesica piscis, “fish bladder” in Latin. See its shape here:


So this is the background for the Superbowl and football in general, showing that God knows how to reveal Himself to those who speak only the language of sports. For those who speak the language of weather, there is revelation about hurricanes and storms that are named by the National Weather Service. On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina (“pure; purification”) hit New Orleans on account of the sin and unbelief in “Nineveh.” A month later, we held our Tabernacles conference at the DoubleTree hotel near Denver. The hotel restaurant was called the Lafitte, named for the pirate who helped the Americans in the Battle of New Orleans in January 1815. The restaurant advertised “Real New Orleans Food.”

These are just a few examples of how we have watched “coincidences” over the years as we are led by the Spirit.

Getting back to the Superbowl, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the SFO 49ers 34-31, although the 49ers were staging one of the greatest comebacks in history. At the half time, the score was 28-6 with the Ravens leading. No team had ever won after being down by 22 points.

The number 22 is the number for “sons of light,” and it is interesting that the lights went in the stadium about two minutes into the second half. The lights were fixed 34 minutes later. Is it a coincidence that the point spread was 22 at the half, meaning “sons of light,” and the lights went off for 34 minutes—which became the final score for the Ravens?

There is much more that could be said, but I do not want to stray too far from the point at hand—how the Superbowl began to reveal the need for a second prayer campaign. But keep in mind that I am a sports agnostic, because I am not a loyal fan of any team. I just watch for revelation, and God uses all teams to reveal spiritual conditions and events.

Before Noah sent out the three doves, he sent out a raven (Genesis 8:7). I always viewed that as a depiction of the presence of evil spirits, in contrast to the doves, which represent the Holy Spirit. In other words, the raven set up the background problem that the doves were supposed to overcome.

So when the Ravens won, it appeared to contradict the idea that we had actually won the battle on January 27. Then a few days later, I received a call from a local friend who was having to counsel someone who was suicidal. He suspected demonic activity, because of the weird things happening in the suicidal man’s house. I immediately related this to the idea of the ravens, and so I began to discuss this connection to get more revelation.

Yesterday, I talked by phone to a woman in Canada who, for many years, has been another spiritual type of the woman in the wilderness (in Revelation 12). She related to me the increased demonic activity in her house since the Superbowl. She is a second witness to the woman in Australia, because they share similar spiritual callings. Hence, with the death in Australia and the demonic attacks in Canada, it was clear that we still had a problem that needed to be resolved.

Last night the Lord confirmed to us that there was still a problem, and this morning He spoke more specifically. We are to go into spiritual warfare again on February 17, and this battle will continue until March 18.

I am reminded of the revelation that came to me in 1986, “March 18 I set you free.” In this case, it appears that we are to be set free from the power of the red dragon (or the new demonic army that was released January 15). Beyond that, we have few details at the moment, because the revelation is just beginning to uncover the current situation.

The Superbowl ended as the 49ers were experiencing the greatest comeback in history. It appears that they would have won, except that they ran out of time. In fact, if the referee had seen the Ravens player pull the face mask of the 49ers player on one of the last plays of the game, the 49ers probably would have won. The 49er coach objected strenuously to the referee’s blindness in part, but to no avail.

This illustrates our own situation quite well. On January 27 we ran out of time, although we were coming back to win after experiencing a big setback on January 16. And so the need for another prayer campaign is necessary to complete the preparation work for what lies ahead.

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