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Horse Burger King

Feb 02, 2013

I post this article, because Burger King ought to be spanked. They lied for two weeks, and now finally are forced to admit it.


Burger King has tonight admitted that it has been selling burgers and Whoppers containing horsemeat despite two weeks of  denials.

The fast food chain, which has more than 500 UK outlets, had earlier given a series of ‘absolute assurances’ that its products were not involved.

However, new tests have revealed these guarantees were incorrect in a revelation that threatens to destroy the trust of  customers....

The contaminated burgers were made by the Irish-based processing company, Silvercrest, which is part the ABP Foods Group....

The contamination scandal was first triggered two weeks ago, with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland revealed it had found horse meat in burgers sold in Ireland and the UK.

When the news first emerged, Burger King said it had been given an ‘absolute assurance’ by its supplier that its products were not involved....

Burger King has faced allegations of orchestrating a cover-up of its links to the horsemeat scandal in order to give it time to find an alternative supplier.

I'm sure all customers will understand their excuse, as they kneel at the white throne reversing the natural flow of lunch.


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