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Further research on DCA as an anti-cancer substance

Feb 27, 2013

Last week I posted a link to a site about a possible cancer cure (DCA) being tested at the University of Alberta.


Here is more information, as others have done some research as well. I am told that DCA has been used since at least 1860, and that one of my friends has used it on his dog. The Vet can hardly believe that dog is still alive, when it should have been dead two years ago! Anyway, here is the link:


DCA—my clinical experiences—intravenous and oral uses

By Walter Lemmo, ND, FABNO

When Dr. Michelakis from the University of Alberta published his research showing how a simple vinegar-like chemical could have the ability to kill cancer cells in the laboratory back in October 2008 (and the following media attention he received) some of my more eager patients became enthralled with this potential chemotherapeutic agent and as a consequence so did my learning begin into DCA. Interestingly, the first data I found using DCA & cancer was published by a Dr. Pan from the Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research in Toronto back in April 2007....


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