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Washington National Cathedral to host gay marriages soon

Jan 09, 2013


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Washington National Cathedral, where the nation gathers to mourn tragedies and celebrate new presidents, will soon begin hosting same-sex marriages.

Cathedral officials tell The Associated Press the church will be among the first Episcopal congregations to implement a new rite of marriage for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members. The church will announce its new policy Wednesday....

The Very Rev. Gary Hall, the cathedral's dean, said performing same-sex marriages is an opportunity to break down barriers and build a more inclusive community "that reflects the diversity of God's world."

"I read the Bible as seriously as fundamentalists do," Hall told the AP. "And my reading of the Bible leads me to want to do this because I think it's being faithful to the kind of community that Jesus would have us be."

Hmm. I don't recall Jesus mentioning gay marriage. Perhaps "The Very Rev. Gary Hall" is referring to another Jesus, one who puts away the law. As I recall, that Jesus came as a blemished lamb that could not take away the sin of the world. He figured that if you can't beat them, join them. That Jesus was unable to change anyone's life to conform to the image of Christ.

I hope that the Very Rev. has not placed his faith in that Jesus.




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