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Update on war with the red dragon

Jan 20, 2013

The warfare against the red dragon, which started November 13, will continue until January 27. It turned out to be in two parts, based on the pattern of Revelation 12. Part 1 ended December 19, and by the first of January the second part began.

Revelation 12 speaks of the second part mainly in terms of a flood of water coming out of the dragon's mouth, so we were looking for a possible water sign. For reasons that I cannot yet disclose, we have been watching Australia as a probable focal point of this battle. (Australia was involved in part 1.) It is now confirmed that the wildfires in Australia are evidence of this warfare.

I missed this at first, because I was focused upon watching for a water sign, such as a flood or typhoon, or something similar. However, it is now confirmed that the dragon has departed from the pattern of Revelation 12 and is doing what dragons are normally known to do. It is breathing fire from its mouth, not water. The other day Sydney, Australia recorded 45.8 degrees Centigrade, or 117 degrees Farenheit. That was a new record.

This is serving to hinder the start of the work that must be done in the coming years, but we believe that will see victory by January 27.

Continue to pray for protection, and focus on Australia in particular.


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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