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Redefining marriage in Illinois

Jan 16, 2013

As America continues to reject God's right to rule the nations in accordance with His law, the bankrupt state of Illinois presses on with the agenda to destroy ("redefine") marriage. 


"Lawmakers in Illinois are considering a bill to redefine marriage. This comes a little over a year after the state created civil unions for those in same-sex relationships by passing the Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act. Shortly thereafter, Catholic Charities was forced out of foster care and adoption services in Illinois....

"The truth about marriage is not a sectarian issue. Chicago’s Archbishop Francis Cardinal George says as much: “[T]he nature of marriage is not a religious question. Marriage comes to us from nature.” He adds:....

"What is certainly at stake is the natural relationship between parents and children. Children, even if they are loved and raised by those who are not their biological parents, want to know who their parents are, who are their natural family…. No honest “study” has disproved what we all know. Stable marriage between a husband and wife has safeguarded their children, surrounding them with familial love and creating the secure foundation for human flourishing. This natural desire, already weakened in a seemingly more and more promiscuous society, will no longer be privileged in civil law. It will be no more “normal” than any other “family” arrangement. If the nature of marriage is destroyed in civil law, the natural family goes with it."


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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