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Fallout from US foreign policy in Libya

Jan 25, 2013

Recall the speech the General Wesley Clark made in 2007, recounting how he was told in the Pentagon in September 2001 that the US was going to overthrow 7 mid-east countries in the next five years. He speaks of this about 2 minutes into this video:


Well, US foreign policy succeeded in overthrowing Gadaffi, along with Iraq and Egypt on their hit list. With all that gun-running going on where the US was supplying the rebels in Libya with the weapons necessary to overthrow Gadaffi, now those same rebels are using those US weapons to fight in Mali and Algeria.

Russia says, "We warned you not to do it!"


Reuters) - Russia said on Wednesday the rebels fighting French and African troops in Mali are the same fighters the West armed in the revolt that ousted Muammar Gaddafi in Libya....

Russia backed a U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing military intervention in Mali but is still bristling that its abstention from a U.N. vote over Libya in 2011 allowed NATO air strikes to help the rebels trying to topple the veteran leader.

Russian officials accused the United States and its allies of overstepping their mandate.

"Those whom the French and Africans are fighting now in Mali are the (same) people who overthrew the Gaddafi regime, those that our Western partners armed so that they would overthrow the Gaddafi regime," Lavrov told a news conference.

Russia, the world's second-largest arms exporter, has pointed to the example of Libya to reject Western accusations it is shielding the authorities in Syria where rebels are trying to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

Russia, which has a naval facility in Syria, has vetoed three U.N. Security Council resolutions aimed pressuring Assad to end the bloodshed, which began with a crackdown on street protests but later escalated into civil war.

All this turmoil in the middle east appears to be the direct result of President Bush's foreign war policy. I would call it short-sighted, but surely they had to know the result of overthrowing the dictators. It does not take a degree in political science to see that the result would be a radicalization of those nations, with Islamists replacing the previous regimes. In fact, past foreign policy put those dictators in place precisely because they knew the alternative. Did they suddenly get an epiphany, thinking that those countries would be better off with democratically elected Islamist governments?

I don't believe it. Someone wanted to create this turmoil. Someone wanted those countries to become radicalized. The question is WHY? Was it to create support for an Israeli nuclear attack on large population centers? In other words, was it to fulfill the Pike Plan a century ago, which preplanned three world wars and called for World War III? Yes, I know, some guy later claimed to have written up that plan as a hoax, but the point is, world history has been following that plan from the start. So even if it had started out as a hoax, it was adopted by some very powerful people who have carried it out to this day.

I suspect that those are the people who decided to overthrow 7 countries in 5 years, as General Clark testified in his speech. And I believe they knew exactly what they were doing. It seems that only the Russians were smart enough to figure it out and oppose it from the start.

And for this, they are villified in the Western media, as directed by the warmongers who think the US government is their lapdog.



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