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World collateral accounts set to be released before Christmas, Neil Keenan says

Dec 14, 2012

This is a brief explanation in a short 11-minute video.


I believe that this represents the final overthrow of Mystery Babylon's banking system. It is also known as the Global Reset, a new banking system that the Kings of the East have been putting into place in recent years. A part of this Reset involves the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar along with other currencies, such as the Vietnamese Dong. Many believe that all of this will take place at roughly the same time. If so, it would be comparable to Babylon's overnight collapse in Daniel 5.

Keenan is hoping that this will all occur before Christmas. I hope so, too, but I also understand that we are in an epic spiritual battle that may not end until the end of January and even continue to develop until the end of March. We will be watching events to see how this age-changing event comes to pass.



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Dr. Stephen Jones

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