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UBS, the red dragon cast down

Dec 20, 2012

The Cosmic War against the red dragon ended yesterday, December 19, 2012. We wondered, of course, how our victory might manifest in the earth, for this would probably show us precisely what entity on earth represented the red dragon.

News reports show that we were fighting against Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), as this bank was exposed yesterday for its corrupt and criminal dealings in the LIBOR scandal. I have said many times that in spiritual warfare, we thrust our spiritual sword into the haystack and see who yells “Ouch!”


UBS has agreed to pay around SFr1.4 billion ($1.53 billion) in fines to United States, British and Swiss authorities to resolve Libor-related investigations. Two former traders were also the first to be criminally accused in the global scandal.

On a black day for Switzerland’s biggest bank, UBS announced Wednesday its branch in Japan had entered a plea to one count of wire fraud relating to the manipulation of benchmark interest rates, including the Yen Libor. The Libor interest rate, short for London interbank offered rate, is used to price financial contracts around the globe.

 I find it particular significant that the fine was $1.53 billion. The number 153 is the numeric value of “sons of God” in Hebrew. It is another fingerprint of God, showing that the sons of God brought judgment upon the red dragon.

UBS was an Underwriter of the Great Gold Heist

I know from my own sources that UBS was the primary underwriter for the bonds that were given to the Asian families in the great gold heist of the 1930’s. After World War 1, the nations agreed in 1921 to “end all wars” by sending their gold to the Federal Reserve Bank for safe-keeping. Supposedly, since no one would invade America to steal this gold, it would remove the motive for war. The American military would act as its guardians.

Most of the gold sent to the Fed came from Asia, particularly from the royal dynastic families. They were given Morgenthau bonds in return, which supposedly could be redeemed in gold decades later at 4% yearly interest.

The problem was that the Fed misspelled words and inserted poor grammar on the bonds and even on the boxes they came in, so that they would later be able to claim that these bonds were bogus or counterfeit. The Fed also created many bogus bonds in order to cast doubt on all of them. In this way, the Fed plotted to steal all the gold in the biggest gold heist in history.

UBS was the primary bank that underwrote many of these bonds. And to this day they have refused to honor the bonds that they underwrote. They have now been judged in the Divine Court, and we are seeing this reflected in an earthly court as well.

This theft is at the heart of the current economic crisis in the Western banking system. It is the hidden conflict between the Kings of the East and Mystery Babylon in the West.

Winter Storm Draco, the Dragon

So now the first phase of the warfare against the red dragon has ended. The dragon has been cast down to the earth, but the more visible earthly banking war is just starting. Revelation 12:13 says,

13 And when the dragon saw that he was thrown down to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth the male child.

It is not yet known how the next phase will manifest in the earth. If it begins immediately, then it is quite possible that it will coincide with the rest of the current time cycle that we are in. If so, this should end January 27, 2013. We will see.

It does appear that the red dragon is already continuing his war. We have an unusual sign of this taking place even now. It is called Winter Storm Draco, which means “dragon.”


As the season's fourth winter storm churns its way across a huge swath of the Rockies and Upper Midwest over the next two days, storm watchers needn't call it a generic "blizzard." This wintry mess has been coined "Winter Storm Draco" by the Weather Channel, which announced earlier this year that it has incorporated its own winter storm naming system.

It will be interesting to see what kind of “flood” the dragon vomits from its mouth in the attempt to kill the woman in the wilderness. Whatever it does, however, Revelation 12:16 says,

16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon poured out of his mouth.

It is unclear yet who or what will represent “the earth” in this scenario, but it is clear that the dragon is destined to lose this war.

Keep in mind that we are only following the pattern seen in Revelation 12. This is not the only time in history that this red dragon war has been fought. Virtually all of the spiritual battles that we have seen over the years involve biblical patterns. The better we know and understand the Scriptures, the more likely it is that we will see the biblical pattern for events in our lives today, and can thereby gain insight, revelation, and guidance.

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