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Trip Report and Watch Dates

Dec 05, 2012

We arrived home last night after being out of state for two weeks. We first celebrated Thanksgiving with our two oldest daughters and their children in northern Arkansas. Then we spent the following week end in Baton Rouge, LA, where I had opportunity to teach at a church Sunday morning and Monday evening and also to make new friends. We then drove to Dallas to stay with our youngest daughter and her family. The conference in Dallas was unusual in some ways but went perfectly according to the divine plan. The sessions were not put on video, but were recorded on CD's, so you will have opportunity to listen to them later.

We were also able to be at our youngest grandson’s first birthday celebration Dec. 1st.

We then drove home from Dallas to Minneapolis, a trip that is over 1000 miles, arriving home Tuesday evening.

The present prophetic pattern that is manifesting most strongly is one that started in 1981 and has surfaced quite a few times over the years on the same dates: November 12 to January 30. The present pattern is most strongly linked to its manifestation in 1982.

Whereas 1981 followed the theme of death and crucifixion, the 1982 pattern reversed this and saw life and resurrection. December 4/5 is the most important time to watch in this regard. I wrote of this in chapter 1 of my book, The Wars of the Lord.

For this reason, today can be considered a type of resurrection day, and as such, it has been on the radar as being connected to barley and the wave-sheaf offering. Yet this cycle is not yet concluded, but probably will continue until January 30. The remaining key watch dates are: December 29/30, January 23, and January 27-30.

I have learned over the years that when the original pattern repeats, many of the dates reappear in the new context, but usually some dates are skipped along the way. As there is often no way to know ahead of time which of the dates will surface, we can only watch and see. But today is probably one of the most important of the watch dates, marking 30 years since my “rebirth” and “resurrection” in 1982.

Am I now 30 years old? I think I’m ready for the next level of ministry.

I have been asked to speak at brother David’s (local) church each Sunday morning for the next three weeks. Then in January I am planning to go back to Trinidad for two weeks. In May I am planning a trip to the Philippines with brother David. I still have no word about going to Africa, though I was instructed to “go to Kenya first.” Apparently, this refers to some trip to Africa in the future, where I am to go first to Kenya.

At any rate, the international phase of this ministry is beginning to dawn, and so I have to believe that the Open Door ministry is ready to begin.


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