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Man awarded large monetary settlement after pharma drug turns him into gay sex addict

Dec 14, 2012


The court heard that Mr Jambart began taking Requip for Parkinson's disease in 2003.

The formerly well respected bank manager,  local councillor and a father of two from Nantes in western France, had tried to  commit suicide eight times after he turned into a sex-crazed gambling  addict....

In total he gambled away a total of 82,000 euros, mostly placing internet bets on horse races, and engaged in a 'frantic search for gay sex'.

He said his family had not understood what was going on at first.

But his behaviour returned to normal when he stumbled upon a  website that made the link between Requip and addictions in 2005, and stopped  taking the drug.

He said : 'My  life was hell. It still is because you cannot forget a catastrophe like  that.'

It makes us wonder how many other drugs contribute to the "gay" movement.

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