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A cosmic battle now occurring

Dec 13, 2012

Since the first of this month, we have been engaged in a cosmic war in the heavens that is following the pattern of what is written in Revelation 12.

As usual, the enemy did not give us any advance notice, and at first we did not realize that this war had even begun. But I began to receive indications of it on December 4 when a friend contacted me to tell me that a very important woman had been missing for a few days. I cannot reveal the circumstances of this event, but I can say that she was working on a very important project that relates directly to the work of the Kingdom.

Some weeks earlier (late November) I was given discernment that we would have to go before the Divine Court on December 9th, but I had no idea what this would involve. As it turned out, the case involved this missing woman, as we were led to dispatch our Head of Security to protect her. His name is Michael, an Archangel. In Daniel 12:1 it is revealed that he “stands guard” (NASB) over God’s people.

That night it occurred to me that this was connected to Revelation 12, since all of the characters in that story are playing out in this present scenario. In other words, we are seeing an earthly manifestation of a heavenly event. This told me that the woman in question had not been abducted, but had “fled into the wilderness” for her protection. That was a relief, since we knew that she was in danger from some very high-level Babylonians who are used to playing hardball.

The woman returned from hiding yesterday, December 12, reporting a great celestial battle. I had thought that she might return on the 11th, because Revelation 12:11 says “they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb…” I had taken notice that the story in Revelation 12 appeared to be a hidden code for the timing of this event. The 12th chapter is the 12th month (December), and this had started on the first of December, as if to start the story with Revelation 12:1.

We were led to dispatch Michael on the December 9, and so Revelation 12:9 prophesies, saying, “the great dragon was thrown down…”

What yet remains to be seen is if this victory is the end of the story as it is playing out this month, or if we are now entering into Part 2 that is described in Revelation 12:13-17. If so, will there be an interim between these two parts? Will this pattern continue beyond Revelation 12 into chapter 13? We do not yet know the answer to these questions, but we will continue to monitor the situation and observe events.

I apologize for not being able to give you more specific details or names, which all speak into this situation and reveal various connections to Revelation 12. But I wanted to share this much with you, since everyone who is one with us in spirit is automatically involved in this cosmic battle and will likewise partake of the fruits of victory. I learned many years ago that the actions of others would have an effect in my own life, if God had brought me into unity with them—even if I did not know them!

We are all part of this work of bringing the Kingdom from heaven to earth. It is great to be alive at the time of Babylon’s overthrow, as this world succession of empires comes to a close. We are on the winning side.

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