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UN votes on Palestine November 29, 2012

Nov 09, 2012

On September 25, 2012, the General Debate of the 67th UN General Assembly began, and Abbas asked to upgrade the status of Palestine to the one of observer at the UN, the same status held by the Holy See, Vatican City. This will upgrade Palestine’s status from Occupied Territory to Occupied Country, opening new options for a legal battle against the Israeli occupation....

The vote may take place on November 29, the same day the historic 1947 vote took place....

The best testimony of his [Netanyahu] intent was the brutally belligerent speech he delivered in September at the UN General Assembly. Despite his verbal violence, he didn’t give the order to attack Iran because, right now, he cannot give such an order to the IDF. To win a war against Iran, Netanyahu needs American military and diplomatic help; the IDF can initiate a war with Iran, but it is unable to finish it properly. However, President Obama won’t allow such an attack before the upcoming presidential elections in the USA; the current administration is unfriendly towards Netanyahu. Thus, Netanyahu delayed war with Iran. Yet, Israel and the USA agree that by mid-2013 Iran’s nuclear industry will be well established and safe from conventional attacks. This is Netanyahu’s deadline....

Moreover, Israel is planning punishments against the PA, including a significant expansion of West Bank settlements and halting tax transfers to the PA. Both methods were used extensively in the past. Personal punishments of Palestinian officers are also planned; these include the revocation of their VIP passes that allow them to pass through IDF security checks in the West Bank....


The implications of this vote are clear, but its timing alone makes this a serious watch date. It also ties the Jewish state directly to the dispute between Hagar and Sarah, the old and New Jerusalems.

Will Sarah and Isaac again be cast out? Or will there be a historic change this time?

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