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UN recognizes Palestinian Statehood

Nov 29, 2012


New York (CNN) -- The United Nations General Assembly on Thursday endorsed an upgraded U.N. status for the Palestinian Authority, despite intense opposition from the United States and Israel.

The resolution elevates their status from "non-member observer entity" to "non-member observer state," the same category as the Vatican, which Palestinians hope will provide new leverage in their dealings with Israel....

The vote was 138 delegates in favor of the measure, nine against and 41 abstentions, including Germany....

The United States and Israel have remained steadfast in their opposition, saying the move will not advance the cause of Middle East peace.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice said American leaders could not support a measure that circumvents direct talks and cautioned that Thursday's decision did "not establish Palestine as a state."...

Comment: Ms. Rice is not empowered to decide which countries are states and which are not. The USA is part of the United Nations, and therefore, the USA has agreed to give the UN the authority to determine statehood. The only authority the US government has in such cases is whether or not to recognize statehood officially--that is, they can either set up diplomatic relations with the Palestinian State or not.

Further, the USA, as a member of the Security Council, can veto Palestinian MEMBERSHIP in the UN, as they did last September. But that is the extent of their authority. Beyond that, they can blackmail or bribe other world leaders to vote with them, but 138 nations already recognize Palestine as a State, and the US is starting to run out of friends. America itself is becoming a pariah state. Wait till other nations stop recognizing America as a civilized state!




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