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The Signs of the Times

Nov 08, 2012

Last April a friend (Chad) received revelation that we were to engage in a 52-day project to repair the walls of the New Jerusalem, based on the pattern of Nehemiah 6:15. It was to begin July 22 and end September 12.

July 22, or 7/22, is a type of the 8th day of Tabernacles which occurs each on 7/22 of the Hebrew calendar (Lev. 23:34-36). July 22 also happened to be the 204th day of the year, which connected it to the capstone on the Great Pyramid, which is the 204th layer of rock. There are 50 layers of rock up to the King’s Chamber and another 153 layers to the capstone. The capstone would have been the 204th layer, except that the stone was rejected because it was a type of Christ (Psalm 118:22).

Needless to say, the Pyramid is built symbolically upon the number 50 (Jubilee) and 153 (Sons of God).

The Bemidji Work

On the 52nd day (inclusive), September 11, seven of us engaged in a prophetic work in Bemidji, Minnesota to break the logjam near the headwaters of the River of the Holy Spirit, to facilitate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit into all nations (ocean). The final “stone” in the wall (law, moral boundary) was the Law of Victims’ Rights, which I explained in my November 2012 Foundation For Intercession bulletin.

Even before we went to Bemidji, however, I received a Word from the Lord that there would be a second witness to this work, another 52-day cycle. Even as the first cycle began on 7/22 of our calendar, the second 52-day cycle would begin on 7/22 of the Hebrew calendar (October 8). The climax of this work would come on November 29/30.

It is now clear that the final “stone” in the wall in this second cycle is the Impartiality of the Divine Law. I wrote more about this in yesterday’s weblog, Moses’ fourth speech, Part 8. This law is important in the establishment of God’s Kingdom, because it is a world-wide Kingdom. God is not simply the God of Israel, but He is also the God of the whole earth (Isaiah 54:5). What God did with Israel served as a model for a more extensive government known as the Stone Kingdom in Daniel 2:35.

History of November 29

God has been known to reveal prophecy by experience. In other words, we have to “walk it out” in real life. He did this with the nation of Israel and thereby established the feast days as their main “watch dates” each year. For example, they left Egypt on Passover, thereby establishing this as a yearly “watch date” for the Messiah who was to die as the Lamb of God in the future on that specific date.

He also does that with us, as I can testify personally. On November 29, 1947 the Palestinian Resolution was passed. Forty years later on the same date in 1987, we moved to Memphis, Tennessee to start our “Egyptian bondage” experience. (Memphis is also a city in Egypt, and these two cities are “sister cities.”) Two years later, November 29, 1989 I received a telephone call offering me a job in Arkansas, and this began the preparation for moving out of “Egypt.” Our move was completed on January 27, 1990.

On November 21, 1993 we began our Jubilee Prayer Campaign, which, in the short term, was an 8-day campaign ending November 29. This was the 46th anniversary of the Palestinian Resolution which had begun the time of Hagar-Jerusalem contesting Sarah’s claim as the one chosen to bring forth the promised seed.

We know the end of that story, of course, because Paul tells us in Galatians 4 that Hagar and her son (Judaism) must be cast out in the end. The Old Jerusalem will never be the “mother” of the chosen seed, for she is of “Egypt.”

On November 28-30, 2000 we were called to attend a meeting at the House on the Rock in Wisconsin, where it was revealed that November 29 represented David’s overthrow of Jebus (old Jerusalem), and November 30 represented the day David set up His Kingdom in (New) Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5:7).

Last year, on November 29, 2011, I was led to construct a scale model of the Great Pyramid and to place the capstone on it the following day, November 30. It is now in Brother David’s office at his church in Brooklyn Park, MN. This act prophetically represented our acceptance of Christ as the Head of the Corner, though men had rejected Him in the past.

November 29/30, 2012

We are now approaching the end of this current 52-day cycle of repairing the breach in the wall of the New Jerusalem. It began October 8 and ends November 29, along with its associated date, November 30. What shall we watch for?

First, as I said, there is a particular law that has been missing among those who claim to be concerned with God’s law. Jews have long taught that the law was only applicable for Jews, and the Talmud even suggests the death penalty for anyone else who might study it. Others even among Christians say that the law was given only to Israel. Some mean by this that the Jews are saved by the law, and Gentiles are saved by faith. Others mean that the law is the exclusive property of Israelites, and other people should find their own standard of morality to live by.

That is like saying that American law is meant only for judges and lawyers, and that we the people should not read it or live by its precepts. That is ridiculous, of course, because it is evident that the law applies to all men, even though judges and lawyers are called to interpret and apply the law to all citizens.

So also with God’s law. It was given to Israel, but they were to function as a priestly nation by applying the law to all men impartially, especially as they came within the dominion of the Kingdom of God.

Second, November 29/30 has to do with coming out of Egypt. I believe that we are going to come out of Egypt in some way at this time. I suspect that this will not be a visible event at that time, but that it will begin a countdown toward it. At least, that is the pattern that occurred with me in 1989 when we received the telephone call on November 29, 1989 offering me a job in Arkansas. We actually left Memphis in January 1990, but the events prophesied began on November 29.

Third, because this has to do with Egypt, it is now clear from information coming my way from other friends, that this could well be a decisive moment in casting out Hagar and her son. The separation is taking place.

Beginning November 30, I will be speaking at the conference in Irving, TX hosted by First Covenant Church. At the same time, Chad, Brad, and James are planning to make a trip to Hibbing, MN to follow up on the Bemidji work that we did on September 11. This trip is to cast out Hagar and her son and to confirm that Sarah is indeed the true mother of the chosen seed, allowing Isaac to take his rightful place as the heir of the Birthright.

What does this mean?

It is hard to know precisely how these prophetic decrees and actions will affect events in the world. We do not always know how to apply such things. Will this affect only one’s internal struggle with the flesh that keeps men in bondage? Or will this also affect world history, such the casting out of the old Jerusalem in Palestine?

At this point, we can only be watchful to see what God does. No doubt we will continue to obtain more discernment as the weeks pass. But it is clear that we are moving into a very significant time, and we must be very watchful.

The Effect of the Presidential Elections

America is divided almost down the middle. It has been this way since President Clinton took office in 1993. When the people got tired of Clinton’s immorality, they voted for Bush. When they got tired of Bush’s endless wars, they voted for Obama. Each of those presidents served for two terms (8 years). We discussed the pattern and concluded that Obama would also serve for eight years in order to establish an 888 pattern. The numerical value for Iesous (Jesus) in Greek is 888.

Clinton was the 42nd President.
Bush was the 42nd man to be President.
Obama is the 42nd man to occupy the White House.

We cannot escape these patterns, for they establish the sovereignty of God in history.

With Obama, America will continue in its slide into immorality. If we had elected Romney, we would have gone immediately back into another war in an alliance with the Old Jerusalem against Iran, or Persia. The Babylonian powers who pick presidents have given us a “choice” of either immorality or war. I do not like either choice.

The reality of the world situation is this: President Obama is dragging his feet when it comes to starting a war with Iran. It is obvious that he and Netanyahu do not get along at all. The news reported that Netanyahu had a bad day yesterday, because he and Romney were good buddies and had made it clear that, if elected, war was the first thing on their agenda.

So the question now is how Netanyahu will react to Obama’s election. I think that in the end, the Israelis will attack, and then at some point the Israeli state (and Jerusalem in particular) will be destroyed as the prophets tell us. Coinciding with the casting out of Hagar, Sarah will rise as the New Jerusalem is established in the divine court as the true “mother” of the Kingdom.

Watch also today’s Communist Party Congress in China, as they have appointed a new leader, Xi Jinping.


China is embarking on a new ten-year plan that will no doubt see some remarkable changes in their political realm. China is important to us from a prophetic standpoint, because they represent the Kings of the East (Revelation 16:12), who are called to overthrow Mystery Babylon today.

I suspect that the new leader will implement Bible prophecy in this regard. While our Babylonian leaders (and the press) may complain about this, I believe that God has raised up China—like Persia in the days of Daniel—to overthrow economic Babylon today. They have a place in Bible prophecy, and this is God’s way of answering your prayers to set us free from Mystery Babylon.

China has 120 million Christians praying for its leaders. America has 120 million Christians complaining about its leaders.

I believe that the time is now ripe for change in China itself. In fact, I do not think that even those leaders understand the changes that are in store for them. But now that China has elected a new leader and established a new ten-year plan, they can now move forward to fulfill their destiny in the divine plan.

This one thing I know: China has worked very hard to prevent World War 3, even as certain Western Babylonians have worked hard to start this war. If it were not for China, this war would have already been upon us. I believe that God has raised up China to bring mercy to the world and to lessen the effects of the destruction that is prophesied in Scripture. There are certain events that cannot be stopped, of course, but the effects of war can be minimized through prayer and intercession.

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