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Our new computer may cause delays during setup

Nov 13, 2012

We have had to purchase a new computer, as the old one crashed on Monday, November 12. Transferring files to the new one will take only another day, hopefully, but one never knows what problems we may encounter along the way.

I am able to continue with the weblogs from my laptop, but only with interruptions to deal with technical issues. That is why the blogs are running a bit late. Also, because of the extra time involved, I have less time to answer emails. Orders are being processed, though often a day late.

Bear with me on this. We have been in spiritual warfare (with fasting) from November 6-13, and we often see such difficulties in such times. The warfare has ended in victory as of sundown, local time, November 13. Good things are happening behind the scenes, and the good guys are winning. Yet expect reactions now from the bad guys who still exercise much power to take revenge.



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