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Kingdom Perspective in Troubling Times

Nov 12, 2012

There has been a lot of prophecy circulating recently that predicts America’s descent into chaos, now that the US elections are completed. At the same time, I am receiving revelation (and also corroborating information) that shows we are about to enter a whole new phase of spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Keep in mind that we are in the time of Babylon’s fall and the rise of the Kingdom of God. It may not look like this to an average person, but this is largely because people tend to identify with Babylon rather than with the Kingdom. Hence, as Babylon falls, and as the church and media scream in panic, many think automatically that their own world is falling apart instead of the Babylonian world.

Believe me, there is no panic in heaven. The Stone Kingdom is striking the image on its feet, and the image is screaming through the media. Our concern is to stay off the feet of the image of the beast so that we avoid the grinding process. God has a different sort of grinding process that He has been doing in our own lives, and while this too often seems painful, its end is beneficial. The judgment of God is not designed to destroy us but to set us free.

My main concern is averting mass destruction in a third world war. I think that Obama’s election last week has greatly lowered the chances for such a war, but the warmongers behind the scenes won’t take this lying down. They are likely to push for civil war and economic collapse in order to stay the course toward mass destruction. I personally believe that there will indeed be war, but that our intercession over the years has succeeded in limiting that war to the region of the Middle East.

Even so, there will be trouble in many places around the world, because Babylon rules much of the world and will not give up its power willingly. My advice is to stay out of that war. Do not support it or participate in it. Of course, if you are in the military, you may not have a choice, but even then, if you stay close to Jesus Christ, He will guide you and protect you.

Remember that the world is divided into competing factions, neither of which are truly Christian. We represent a third position—the Kingdom of God. We are not here to fight the bad guys, but to build the Kingdom. The only reason there are still non-believers in the world is because they have yet to see Christ in us. Once they come face to face with Jesus Christ IN YOU, every mouth is stopped, and all arguments cease.

The revelation of the Open Door Ministry came to others in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. I had no personal revelation about it until 1985 or 1986, when I had a dream of doing such ministry in the midst of war around me. The context of the dream was that I was actually in the nation of Turkey, and in the background of the dream, I saw that nation in a state of war. I remember very few dreams, but this one is still vivid in my memory. It was the start of a series of revelations about the Open Door Ministry, but I did not realize how much time was yet needed to prepare me for such a ministry.

Yet as we approach days of turmoil and war ahead, I am reminded of that dream. I understand that the specific time of the Open Door Ministry will come in the midst of turmoil, as God overthrows Babylon and replaces it with His Kingdom. (Of course, this does not negate the fact that the Gospel has been preached since the beginning. The problem has been that this preaching was done while the beast nations held the divine mandate to rule the earth. Hence, its success has been limited by divine restraint.)

From a prophetic standpoint, we are now in the days of Daniel 5 and 6 when the original city of Babylon fell to the Medes and Persians. There is hardly any way to comprehend world events today without being familiar with that story and the prophecy surrounding it. The Church’s “normal” view of prophecy hides the truth from Christians and exposes them to fear, hopelessness, and a need to escape. Hence, they place their hope in the “rapture” rather than in the fulfillment of the Autumn feast days.

Most Christians do not understand that the believers in Babylon during Daniel’s time probably felt the same panic when the Medo-Persian army was at the gates of the city. If any of them felt panic, it was because they did not understand the prophecy of Isaiah 44 and 45 which spoke of Cyrus the Persian as a “messiah” (45:1) whom God had raised up to overthrow Babylon (45:1), set the people free (45:13), rebuild Jerusalem (45:13), and lay the foundation for the temple (44:28).

Cyrus became Isaiah’s primary example of the sovereignty of God.

I have no doubt that The Babylonian Times ran daily articles expressing the viewpoint of its king. Its job was to stir up the people to fight Cyrus and Darius and “defend the city.” They were trying to defend themselves against the judgment of God. They did not realize that God had already prophesied two centuries earlier to Isaiah saying of Cyrus in 45:1,

1 Thus says the Lord to Cyrus His anointed [messiah], whom I have taken by the right hand, to subdue nations before him, and to loose the loins of kings; to open doors before him so that gates will not be shut. 2 I will go before you and make the rough places smooth….

On the night Babylon fell, King Belshazzar’s loins were indeed loosed (Daniel 5:6). That means he had a wardrobe malfunction and needed the sanitary engineers to exercise their calling.

Right now I see much panic in the world. Loins are being loosed. People are leaving their positions of leadership, either by force or voluntarily. No one’s reasons are the real reasons. Seldom in this world do people resign power for the stated reasons. The reasons they give are only superficial.

Look at the big picture. If you understand the big picture, you have a better chance of discerning individual world events. The big picture is revealed in Revelation 16:12,

12 And the sixth angel poured out his bowl upon the great river, the Euphrates; and its water was dried up, that the way might be prepared for the kings from the east.

Do not expect the literal Euphrates to dry up. That occurred in the days of Babylon’s fall many years ago, but it was only a type and shadow of today’s events. All of those prophetic events in Scripture are being repeated today, but not in the same way. No longer do we have Medes and Persians coming to take a big city in Iraq by drying up the Euphrates. In fact, John does not identify them as Medes and Persians, but only as “the kings from the east.”

This opens up the prophecy to a much greater fulfillment. Certainly, Persia is again involved in this, because Persia is now known as Iran. But John’s refusal to identify specifically the kings in question means that we should look at the big picture and see what is actually happening on the world scene. Who today are these “kings of the east”?

More important, we should ask who are the kingdoms, or nations, that have risen up against mighty Babylon which is entrenched in the West and which has taken us captive? It is obvious to me that China is the leading eastern nation that is gaining the power to challenge the Babylonian banking system of the West.

Many prophecy teachers have recognized China as the nation to watch, but they think of China as the great enemy of “Israel.” Therefore, they do not take into account that China is the modern Cyrus/Darius. They think China will send a 200 million-man army on a march for thousands of miles in order to cross the dry bed of the River Euphrates to attack the Israeli state. This view makes China out to be the enemy of Israel, and, by extension, the enemy of God.

The fact is, God has raised up China as the only nation that can seriously challenge the West and its oppressive banking system today. Can you see the face of God in China? Besides, in an era of a nuclear-armed Israeli state, it would make no tactical sense to send an army driving thousands of miles across the desert, through other nations, just to attack Israel. Since the nuclear age, it has not been feasible to attack any nation with a huge fleet of ships either, because one well-placed nuclear device could destroy the entire fleet quickly and surgically. The last great naval invasion took place on D-Day at Normandy during World War 2.

Today’s war is more of an economic war than anything. Virtually all wars are fought for economic reasons, contrary to popular propaganda. The East vs. West war that is currently being fought is no different. Each side has two different economic visions. The Western system is based on money created out of nothing (“fiat”), while the East wants to bring in an asset-based currency. But such a change would destroy the power of the money-creators in the West.

But I look beyond those issues, for even these foundational issues are deceptive if we do not understand the purposes of God behind the scenes. From God’s perspective, the real issue is the rise of the Stone Kingdom. The succession of beast empires prophesied by Daniel is coming to an end. Their mandate of heaven has run its course. The final political-economic-religious form of Mystery Babylon is now being overthrown, and though kings and nations may take credit for their own actions, God makes it clear in Isaiah 45 that He is the One who directs the flow of history.

If we believe this, then we will never have reason to fear the future, as long as we follow the truth and remain close to Christ.

Remember, too, that in many past articles I have shown how all of these beast-empires, at some point in history, have had to acknowledge the God of heaven as being sovereign over them. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was brought to this revelation at the end of Daniel 4 and in essence declared Babylon to be a Christian Nation. King Darius the Mede did the same at the end of Daniel 5. Subsequent history shows that Alexander the Great of the Grecian Empire did the same when he entered Jerusalem in 332 B.C. Centuries later, Rome too bowed to Jesus Christ.

Every beast must bow to Jesus Christ. These examples from the past were given to us to establish the sovereignty of God. Today is no different. While I recognize the moral shortcomings of the president, I do not believe that the situation is beyond God’s ability to bring him to his knees and acknowledge Jesus Christ as sincerely as the past kings have done.

In fact, for the past four years we have believed that President Obama would indeed come to that place. He claimed to be the administration of “change,” and we believe God was prophesying through him. At the present time, he has no idea what he prophesied, nor how it will change his own life. To change one’s mind, or to rethink one’s position, is the literal definition of repentance.

But God seldom shows His sovereign hand until He has made the situation look impossible. God loves to wait until all seems hopeless—like Israel at the Red Sea—before showing how easy it really is for Him to save the day. So we can expect nearly everyone to panic just before God acts.

We, however, are not the children of the darkness, but we are the children of the day. We are not ignorant of the sovereignty of God, and our faith will direct our steps with boldness and confidence into the days ahead. Be not as Peter, who began to sink when he focused upon the wind and the waves. Keep your eyes upon Jesus, focus upon building the Kingdom, and know that we are more than conquerors through Him.

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