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Interesting Copeland Prophecy

Nov 15, 2012

We're still killing bugs, and I have to learn how to navigate Windows 8 that came with the new computer, but I think we will be able to proceed. Sorry that the weblogs were unavailable for a day, but that glitch was fixed this morning.

I have a lot of catching up to do now. We will be leaving Tuesday morning to go South for Thanksgiving with family. Then work our way to Dallas for the conference the following week end. I should be able to do some blogs while on the trip.

Someone sent a prophecy by Kenneth Copeland, dated November 9, 2012, which appears to coincide with our own discernment of what is happening at this time:

"There are those who think they've gotten rid of Me," saith the Lord. "There are those who think if they ignore Me, then I'll have little to say and little to do in their lives. But I have dealt with such matters. For many, many, many years I have dealt with government leaders. I have dealt with kings and pharaohs and the like. My people have faced tyrants, famines, killers, murderers: ah, but I'm still on the throne," saith the Lord. "And prayer changes things.

"No, no, no, no. I have never forgotten what happened on these shores. This is the only nation founded by a people who loved Me," saith the Lord, "and desired to worship Me. And that was the purpose of the raising up of this nation. And I will never forget it, "saith God. "I do not forget the works of love. No, no. For the finest hour is yet to come. Oh, yeah. Oh, my, my. There are warring people, and there are demonic people, and there are people all over the world who would love to see the United States fall. And there are those who are saying, 'It's all over, it's all over. They'll never be again. They'll never happen again.' Ah, no. Don't you believe it. I'm not done here yet," saith the Lord. "And this is the time I've been looking for. You're the ones that I've been waiting for. You're the ones who stand strong with Me. You're the ones who are walking by faith. You're the ones who are raising a voice toward Me.

"The best is yet ahead. The outpouring of My Spirit manifested in ways that other generations and other human beings have never seen before. Yes, the greatest transfer of property, wealth, influence from God ever known in the human race has begun. The Garden of Eden is Mine," saith God, "and I want it back. And I am transferring it into the hands of My people, who will walk by love, walk in the word, walk by faith, and open their hearts. And I'll fill it with the Lord. I'll fill it with the heavenlies. I'll fill it with the glory. I'll fill it with My power. I'll fill it with eternity, right where you stand."

The polarization of America is now reaching a critical stage where there is talk of secession. It has been 152 years since the last secession that began in December 1860. We are now coming into the 153rd year since that time.

While I appreciate the issues and reasons why many want to break up the country, at the same time I do not see this event in prophecy. Those who do not believe that God will turn this nation around by the outpouring of His Spirit are bound to be frustrated with Washington DC. Frustration spawns anger, and anger breeds talk of secession.

Our focus is upon praying for the outpouring of the Spirit, in order to avoid man-made "solutions" to the problem which only cause worse problems, death and destruction, as seen in the 1860's.

Copeland's prophecy above suggests that God will intervene by His Spirit--which I fully agree with--and that the union will be preserved. He says that "the greatest transfer of property, wealth, influence . . . has begun." More importantly, it appears that jurisdiction has passed to the saints of the Most High (Daniel 7:27). You may want to refresh your memory of the events in November 1996 when the Coronation Stone was moved from England back to Scotland from November 14-30, 1996.


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