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Gold Wars

Nov 03, 2012

Nations have always coveted the wealth of other nations and have sought ways to steal it for themselves. When Hezekiah showed off the gold in the temple, the Babylonians soon came to take it for themselves (2 Kings 20:13-17). Most nations go to war for economic reasons—usually to take wealth, land, and resources that belong to others, so that their own people may become wealthier.

After the First World War, the Babylonian rulers (bankers) convinced the world that gold was the cause of war. In order to stop all wars, nations were convinced to store their gold in secure locations that would be defended by the military might of the USA. Gold was shipped to the USA, which gave them receipts (bonds), which they could use to reclaim it at a later date.

But almost immediately the US government and its bankers began to misuse the money and to treat it as if it were their own. When the bonds came due, they refused to honor them, claiming the bonds were counterfeit. The military might of the USA, which was supposed to defend their gold, was now used to steal it wherever possible.

In recent years more and more nations have become suspicious that the USA no longer has sufficient gold to honor the receipts, and so we are now seeing a “bank run on gold.”

This is not so different from the run on any other bank. The bank takes in deposits and uses them for loans. The banks loan out many times more money than it actually has on deposit. People get nervous and anticipate a bank run, so they want to be first in line to withdraw their money. Soon there is a bank run, and the bank shuts its doors.

When this happens on an international gold bank, it affects whole nations. They no longer trust America’s bookkeeping and are suspicious that their gold has already been spent or leased to others. America’s deficit gives the government a strong motive to do some “creative bookkeeping.” It is said that it matters not how much gold is in the vault. What matters is the bookkeeping. If the bookkeeping shows that there is a lot of gold in the vault, then it must be so. People’s fears are calmed, and they go back to their business.

But what has actually happened, I believe, is that the banks have learned to issue fiat gold in the same way that they issue fiat money. A fiat gold receipt is circulated as international money, even though it is backed by little or nothing. Therefore, if all nations wanted the USA to return their gold, there would not be nearly enough to go around.

The word on the street is that the recent Libyan conflict was not about giving the Libyans democracy, but to steal its gold that was held in London vaults. Economist Jim Willie wrote recently,

“The hidden motive in the Libyan overthrow of Qaddafi was to steal his 144 tons of gold held in London. The banksters needed it. The action and the reporting of the events were typical distractions laced with fiction.”

Nervous nations now want their gold returned to them. Jim Willie writes,

“The elite are having their gold vaults raided, done as loans to the major central banks and bullion bank centers. Resentment builds.

“Alternative supply sources have been urgently needed, thus the project in Libya. Thus the MFGlobal thefts. The list goes on, but the need is rising far faster than the channels can be supplied. Desperation has set in…. The Gold War is escalating, as the insolvent bankrupt and desperate Western bankers are resorting to whatever means to locate gold assets…. The MF Global theft of private funds [Oct. 31, 2011] was a direct assault and crime scene designed to satisfy a Silver market demand delivery schedule. Investors awaiting silver delivery had their accounts stolen.”

Willie also speaks of…

“a profound powerful run of gold bullion by Eastern entities against London banks…. In all, approximately 6000 metric tons have departed London bank vaults since March, all headed East, in the biggest raids in modern history.”

The main economic war today is between East and West. The West is drowning in debt. The East has lost confidence in West’s ability to make good on its trade imbalance, due to its so-called “Free Trade” policies.

A few years ago 600 tons of gold, traced from the USA, was sent East. When it arrived in Hong Kong, an assay found it to be gold-plated tungsten, a metal worth very little. It was counterfeit gold. When this hit the news, the assayers in Switzerland suddenly became inundated with work to do. No one could trust gold bricks any more. Willie reports,

“Tiny Ghana demanded its gold return from London, but suddenly its leader showed up dead.”

Now Germany’s Parliament has passed a bill demanding a full audit of its gold held in US vaults. German auditors have come many times before, trying to get some sort of accounting, but they have been turned away. This has only made the Germans more suspicious. Willie reports,

“The German Govt demands a full accounting of its official gold accounts held in foreign lands. They demand a careful accounting that involves inspections, weighing, assurance of gold proof, and examination of markings, perhaps even some testing of bar cores. They demand an accounting that cites locations and storage. They demand a full complete audit. The distrust is thick…. Apparently, no longer will the word of the New York Fed or the Bank of England be sufficient. They have been caught lying too often….

“The call to the corrupt fortress is plain: WHERE IS OUR GOLD?? Maybe like with Jericho, after several calls the walls will fall…. The London and New York bankers improperly used the German gold, and official gold from numerous accounts like from France and Spain, from Venezuela to Mexico, to enforce the Strong Dollar Policy and to defend against its collapse.”

America’s deficit has exceeded a trillion dollars each year for the past four years. Who is buying our debt? Who would buy bonds in such an atmosphere of mistrust and risk, when they pay ZERO interest? Willie writes,

“The buyers of USTBonds are long gone, except for other central banks playing the Competing Currency War games. The USFed under Bernanke announced last month that ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) would be extended until the end of year 2015. This is an admission that it is permanent. Every three to four months, they assure another year of permanence.”

As I wrote before, the big casino banks are so heavily invested in derivatives that even the slightest uptick in the interest rates would make them go broke. They have bet their entire portfolio on the Fed maintaining its Zero Interest Rate. They should know. They own the Fed. Interest rates will not go up until the bankers are ready to destroy the entire monetary system.

That will mark the final collapse of Babylon as we know it. The Babylonians think they will somehow come out on top with total control, but in fact, God says the Stone Kingdom of Daniel 2:35 will emerge from the rubble.

The latest Fed strategy, announced on September 13, 2012, is to buy up all the mortgages in America at the rate of $40 billion per month. In other words, the Fed will replace the banks as the mortgage creditor. In essence, the Fed will own all property in America.

Lindsey Williams reports that his “Elite” friend/contact has informed him that there is a secret deal involved in this. The Fed creates new money out of thin air to purchase all mortgages, both toxic and non-toxic. In return, these big banks will use that money to purchase US bonds that support the deficit.

In essence, the Fed is using every mortgage in America to fund the deficit, because other nations are no longer buying our debt. This is truly a last resort. They have already used the Social Security funds to purchase the debt, and have replaced the fund with an IOU. They have done the same with many retirement and pension funds, including the Post Office pensioners. Any pool of money can be stolen in this way, in the guise of investing in Treasury bonds that pay almost nothing in return.

As the Babylonian system goes down, it fights for survival in any way it can. America is now in its third stage of governmental development. We started out as a Republic, then became a Democracy, and now we are a Kleptocracy. Hence, this government will steal every account within its reach, whether it is money or gold. It will go to war if need be, and sell the public on the idea of war either by ideology or by false flag incidents.

We are living in a time of upheaval and great change as we transition from one age to another. This requires us to walk by faith and to know the times in which we live. Even as people should have prepared for Hurricane Sandy ahead of time, so also should we make preparations for the fall of Babylon.


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