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First Deuteronomy Book now available in print

Nov 11, 2012

Moses' first speech is now in print. We have yet to post it in the book store, but it is available, and you can order it if you want a copy.

It is spiral bound, 129 pages long, and is $15.00 each, plus $5 postage, or $20 total.

You can order by mail, or if you want it more quickly, you can request a copy by email and pay through PayPal or faster yet you can simply use the "Add to Cart" button below the image of the book below to place your order and pay via Paypal.

NOTE: You can pay using a credit card through our Paypal account even if you don't have a Paypal account. You will see the option on the final payment page when you click the "Checkout with Paypal" button inside your shopping cart page. Once you click that you will be taken to the final payment page where you can check your quantities etc and if you want to use a credit card you just have to select the "Don't have a Paypal Account?" Link and you will be given the screen to use your Credit card.

Thank you.




We should have the book posted for free viewing online and available for PDF download by the end of this week. Thank you for your patience.

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