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Tabernacles Conference and Site Maintenance

Oct 06, 2012

We would like to remind everyone that the Tabernacles Conference is underway in St. Louis and has been since yesterday. Dr. Jones and his wife Darla are of course in attendance and actively engaged in all that is taking place there which we are told is very good, of course. Dr. Jones will not be posting to the blog during this time but will be doing so upon their return with much to share we are sure.

On another but related note, it was decided that during this time it would be the perfect opportunity for us to do all the major site maintenance task we have been holding off on as they will have some impact on site usage until complete. Last night we were able to finally do the major backend update we have been waiting on and that task is now complete with relatively low impact. Tonight however beginning at around 11PM CST we will be doing some work that will require the site to be offline for up to 24 hours. It could be done much sooner than that which we of course are hoping for, but we need to let you know that it could be at least that long and possibly even more depending on how fast the DNS propogation takes place. Once this is complete we anticipate having increased site speed and reliability along with even greater security in place as well.

It was not until the work was done last night that we knew we could proceed with this next step so we apologize for the seeming lateness of this notice but it was the best we could do. We thank you ahead of time for your patience and we feel confident that the time needed to do this will be time well spent for a better user experience all the way around.

Thank you, and again Dr. Jones will be back posting after the conference.

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