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Rescued by an angel?

Oct 25, 2012

A surveillance camera in Asia was focused upon this intersection when a man on a loaded pedal tricycle came through the intersection. A truck hit him, but he suddenly found himself on the side of the road unhurt, accompanied by a second person. The truck driver stopped quickly and ran to the rear, looking for the tricycle under his rear wheels, but he was not there. The tricycle driver appears quite confused. The second person (the angel?) walks away rapidly toward the camera.

Watch this 42-second surveillance video.


My friend, Pastor David, had the same experience in his younger days when a large truck ran headlong into the car being driven by his cousin. David was in the drivers seat. The cousin was killed instantly. David found himself by the side of the road watching it happen.

Atheists find this difficult to explain.

Update: The video was just a Chinese video trick. Click on the following link and see the video on the right side.



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