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Comments on Hurricane Sandy

Oct 27, 2012

One year ago today, the Mayan Itza Council began a pilgrimage from Manhattan, NY which ended in Los Angeles on November 11. They carried with them 13 crystal skulls. This was timed to begin just before the day that many believe was the true end of the Mayan calendar, October 28, 2011.

This year, November 11, 2012 is a revealed Watch Date, although I do not know for sure what we are to watch. Last year, of course, November 11 was the starting date of the new "Prophetic Year" and was the start of the first 76-day cleansing cycle. It was also the day that the Mayan elders performed their "Gateway Ceremony" in Los Angeles.

Right now we are monitoring a significant hurricane called Sandy, which appears to be heading for Washington DC and is expected to make landfall on late Monday or Tuesday.


If it hits Washington, it will remind me of the vision that I had on July 26, 1985 about a hurricane hitting the capital city. At the time, the Lord instructed us to gather as a group and to pray to put a "prayer block" in front of the city in order that the "beast" entity (in the hurricane) would be unable to take over the government. We did so, and thus, two months later ("July is like September"), Hurricane Gloria hit the prayer block on September 26, bounced off it, circled north, and hit New York instead.

We came to understand that this prevented Governor Clinton from running for office in 1988, as he had to wait until the next election.

After the 1988 election, a year later, Hurricane Hugo came through the back door, hitting Charleston, SC and coming up the back way to Washington DC. Hugo made landfall on September 22, 1989, and because it did hit Washington, Governor Clinton was elected in 1992 with about 42% of the vote. He got in the back door, because Ross Perot ran as a third party candidate that took votes away from President G.H.W. Bush.

What we saw back then was a "beast" spirit coming into the city, and these hurricanes served as their messengers and forerunners. In biblical law, any attack on a city must be preceded by a messenger to negotiate terms of peace (Deuteronomy 20:10). The dark side follows this law also, but their messengers of peace have a bad attitude.

So a sinister spirit arrived in Washington DC with the inauguration of President Clinton in January 1993. We were privileged to see part of what was going on in the spiritual realm in order to delay it to the appointed time.

In May 1988 I was given revelation that then-Governor Clinton would become president and would have a running mate from the South. That running mate turned out to be Al Gore of Tennessee. According to the revelation, both were endowed with a "beast spirit," whatever that means. It is probably connected to the four "beast" empires in the Babylonian succession of empires prophesied in Daniel 7.

In other words, a beast spirit is a spirit of the world system, as distinct from the Kingdom of God, and each "beast" has its own peculiar set of characteristics. In this particular case, the vision of 1985 portrayed a black horse and rider coming into Washington DC with the hurricane. I do not know if that has any particular significance.

Yet this may have some connection with Hurricane Sandy. If Sandy rides into Washington DC on Halloween, then we ought to pray to discern what this means for the future of our country. Forecasters are already warning that this could be one of the most destructive hurricanes in history, calling it a "Frankenstorm."


It's only a tropical storm today, but it is scheduled to meet the cold front that has come down from the north and is moving eastward even now. It will also meet a second storm system off the Northeast coast, which means that three storm systems are converging in a "Perfect Storm" scenario. It is also scheduled to make landfall at the time of the full moon, which means the tides will already be at their peak.

Recall also that ten years ago (2002) the Washington snipers made a murderous circuit around the beltway in Washington DC to "circumcise the heart of Washington." Those attacks began October 2nd. Their final victim was killed on October 22nd, and two days later on the 24th they were caught. Is there a connection between the Washington snipers and Hurricane Sandy?

Hurricane Sandy took its first victim in Jamaica on October 24, precisely ten years after the Washington snipers were caught, ending their shooting spree.


It is too early to know if there is something to this or not. We see possibilities for a ten-year connection to the events in 2002 by the Hezekiah Factor, but any significance depends really on the storm track.

Be watchful, and if you are in the DC area, it might be wise to take precautions.


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