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$43 Trillion lawsuit takes ugly turn

Oct 28, 2012

On October 25, 2012 a $43 Trillion lawsuit was reported against various bankers and government officials in regard to the mortgage scandal, cover-ups, and racketeering.


CNBC reported this, perhaps not realizing that such news is controlled and is not supposed to be released to the public. Within hours it was taken down, after CNBC's media executive, Kevin Krim, discovered that two of their children had been murdered in his home--supposedly by the trusted nanny, who convenniently killed herself at the same time.


The problem is that for the rich and powerful, it is too easy to get away with murder. But it looks to me as if CNBC got the message.

UPDATE: The nanny apparently failed to kill herself, but broke a vertebrae in her back. She is reported as being alive.

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