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Watch dates, September 9 to 22

Sep 13, 2012

Well, our watch dates for September 9-22 are now clearly seen in the violence in Egypt, Libya, and now Yemen against the US embassies.

We understood that September 9 would be the start of this season, and that September 11 would probably see the start of the main events. This is because "July is like September," as the old revelation goes. July 9, therefore, was a precursor to September 9.

July 9, 2012 was the end of a three-year divine investigation into the unlawful practices of Babylon, after David appealed to the divine court three years earlier (July 9, 2009). For this reason, three of us (Chad, Brad, and Stephen) were led to speak the divine verdict, which the Lord had rendered upon the four main divisions of Babylon: Judicial, Economic, Religious, and Political. We did this in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota on July 14. There was a backlash on July 20 at the massacre at the theater in Denver.

We also recognized other important dates: July 15-22, which is a prophetic type of the feast of Tabernacles, which date from 7/15 to 7/22 in the Hebrew seventh month.

So putting it all together, our watch dates extended from September 9 to 22. Within that time, we also took note of the important date of September 11, not only because of its importance in 2001 but also because it was the start of Operation Jericho in 2011. Operation Jericho was a seven-day prayer campaign, ending September 17, which this year is Rosh Hoshana, the feast of Trumpets, the start of the New Year.

So we have many clear dates to watch: September 9, 11, 14, 15, 17, 20, and 22.

Because the events happening on these dates are earthly manifestations of spiritual events, we must interpret them accordingly. We are in a war against Mystery Babylon, breaking its stranglehold on the Western nations and all other nations dominated by them. The Babylonian government spokesmen interpret these events as attacks upon "our way of life" or "our freedoms." In many ways this is true. We do war against the Babylonian way of life and the freedom to sin, because these things lead inevitably to slavery, both personal and political.

Our warfare, however, is not against flesh and blood, as Paul tells us, but against spiritual wickedness in high places. Nonetheless, when we overthrow such spiritual wickedness, the effects are clearly seen and felt in the earth, because spiritual events and entities manifest in real people and nations here on earth.

In this fight, God has enlisted the aid of "the kings of the east" (Revelation 16:12), even as He did 2600 years ago when raised up the Medes and Persians to overthrow the Babylonian beast-empire. God uses real people and real nations to accomplish His purposes. We also see from the story of Gideon that one of God's tactics is to cause the enemy to fight among themselves (Judges 7:22).

I will be writing a more complete report on our prayer work of September 11, 2012 in the next few days. This will take a bit longer, because we have many pictures to insert, much like I did with our report on the St. Paul prayer work of July 14. I can only give an overview here.

On September 9, David came to our house to go with us to Bemidji, Minnesota the next day, so that we could do the work on September 11. This is the same David who appealed to the divine court on July 9, 2009, resulting in the 3-year Time of Visitation (divine investigation) ending last July 9. Last July only three of us were called to go to St. Paul. This time there were seven of us in Bemidji who participated in this prayer work.

Because "July is like September," this work could be seen as a double witness from the St. Paul prayer work last July. The double witness "established" all things, as the divine law says. It is quite obvious now that as soon as the divine verdict was "established" in the earth September 11, 2012, all hell broke loose.

Yet the conflict is not exactly what it appears to be on the surface. On the surface (i.e., in the news) it appears to be a simple conflict over a film-maker's cheap movie depicting the Islamic prophet in a bad light, along with the violent reaction of those who wish to defend his honor. The focus of attention is on the US embassies in Cairo, Libya, and now Yemen.

The real story is that the power brokers of Babylon have found a cheap movie to be useful in stirring up trouble and driving a wedge between America and the Islamic people for the benefit of the Israeli state. Is it a coincidence that this turmoil is coinciding with the US elections and with the Israeli government's desire for war? President Obama has clearly favored the Islamic nations in his foreign policy, reversing a long tradition of unconditional US support for the Israeli state. The cheap movie's translation into Arabic makes little sense unless it was designed to provoke this response.

This now puts President Obama into an embarrassing position. Public opinion is being stirred up to make the American public identify with the Israelis and to isolate the Islamic countries. This low-budget movie would have remained obscure and consigned to the dust bin of history, except that someone found it to be useful for political purposes. They knew that the outraged Muslim faithful would be blind to all political consequences. They could be counted on to help the Israelis sway American public opinion.

One of the main things we discerned in the prayer work September 11 was that we were dealing with the spirit of rage. Hence, we took steps to overthrow this spirit with the spirit of forgiveness.

Over a month ago the news media began to report the conflict between Obama and Netanyahu over the coming war with Iran. It was perceived that Netanyahu might attack Iran before the elections in order to embarrass Obama and force him to side with the Israelis. Obama, on the other hand, embarrassed Netanyahu through General Dempsey's public statement that if the Israelis attacked Iran, they would have to do so without American support.

Then someone made sure that the movie, "Innocence of Muslims," was given publicity with a 14-minute trailer, translated into Arabic for the benefit of Muslims in the Middle East. Who benefits from this? Obviously, the Israelis do. That is the first indicator as to whose influence is behind this. The Israeli intelligence organization is the Mossad, whose motto is "By Way of Deception." If you read Victor Ostrovsky's book by that title, you will see how the Mossad excels in doing things while making it look like someone else is responsible.  In this case, they used a Coptic Orthodox man in California who was protesting the Egyptian treatment of Christians, and Terry Jones, who has made it his mission to expose Islam and burn the Koran. It is doubtful that either of them are led the Spirit, nor can they discern the spirit behind their actions.

I have no doubt that the Mossad has found these men to be "useful idiots." Ostrovsky himself was a Mossad officer, so he understood very well how the Mossad operated. In his "Foreword," he writes:

"Coming from an ardent Zionist background, I had been taught that the state of Israel was incapable of misconduct. . . But it was the twisted ideals and self-centered pragmatism that I encountered inside the Mossad, coupled with this so-called team's greed, lust, and total lack of respect for human life, that motivated me to tell this story.

"It is out of love for Israel as a free and just country that I am laying my life on the line by so doing, facing up to those who took it upon themselves to turn the Zionist dream into the present-day nightmare.

". . . Plotting on its own behalf, and for petty, self-serving reasons, it has set the nation on a collision course with all-out war."

So we must step back, look at the big picture, and see how the present attacks on the US embassies fit into the prophetic picture and the spiritual warfare that is behind it. God is working to bring down the Babylonian system in preparation for the emergence of the Kingdom of God. On the other side we see those hidden power brokers whose plan since the days of Albert Pike in the late 1800's has been to bring about three world wars, the last of which is supposed to destroy Islam, Judaism, and Christianity through shock and disillusionment.

Pike believed that such a shock would pave the way for the triumph of his own religion called Luciferianism, the so-called religion of the "angel of light." They believe themselves to be "enlightened ones," and hence, they call themselves "Illuminati." His plan appears to have been revealed first in the 1890's, then published in the 1920's after World War 1 proved its validity by actual events. World War II was designed to bring about the Israeli state, which would then provide the irritant necessary for the final war in our time.

There are no indications that the main plan has been altered, although the means of instigating that war have changed as time has passed.

It is our job as overcomers to bear witness to the divine plan to overthrow these Luciferians and cast them down from their positions of power so that the Kingdom of God will be able to usher in the biblical Age of Peace, Prosperity, and Justice among the nations. In this way the Abrahamic covenant may be fulfilled, wherein the true seed of Abraham will be a blessing to all families of the earth.

The present conflict is rapidly coming to a climax. This is a fight that we will win. We know this because we have already won. Will we be able to prevent this final war? I do not think so, but it can be contained and limited. I believe that God will use it to accomplish His own purpose, part of which is to "cast out the bondwoman and her son" (Gal. 4:30). The earthly city of Jerusalem is that bondwoman (Gal. 4:25), and she is in competition with the free woman (New Jerusalem) for the right to rule the earth through her "children." The question is whose children are the real "chosen" ones? That is what is being decided in the divine court this year.

Watch the events in the next ten days. Pressure is being placed upon President Obama to support an Israeli attack on Iran. Obama, who was born in a Muslim home and went to grade school in a Muslim nation (Indonesia), has obvious sympathies to the Muslim cause and has therefore refused to submit to Netanyahu's threats. When he was elected in 2008, I took note in some blogs that his Muslim background could become significant in determining his foreign policy toward Israel.

In my view, we have now come to the point where the final verdict in the divine court has been rendered to determine who is the true Israel of God and who is truly chosen. In the broader sense, Jerusalem is the "mother" of all carnal religion, and her son, prophetic "Ishmael" is the product of Old Covenant religions, whether they go by Judaism, Islam, or various forms of Christianity. All of these consider Jerusalem to be their "mother," and promote her cause to be the capital in the Age to come. Right now, two sons of Ishmael (Judaism and Islam) are fighting over who is the rightful inheritor of Hagar's inheritance. Neither are the children of Isaac, Paul says, so neither will win in the end.

We, on the other hand, are the children of the New Jerusalem, as Paul says (Gal. 4:26). We are the Isaac company, and after being "recognized" by the divine court, are established by divine verdict while the competitor,"Ishmael," is cast out. Meanwhile, God will use this conflict to disinherit all forms of "Ishmael" so that the true body of Christ may rule in the Age to come.

These are momentous times.


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