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The Dark Side of the Moon

Sep 04, 2012

On September 2, 2012, Reverend Sun Myung Moon died at the age of 92.

Every year we watch September 2nd, because of a prophecy from the Net of Prayer dating back to that date in 1981, "Today America begins to die."

It was the date that Chuck resigned from the Net of Prayer, followed the next day by his two prophetic partners in ministry. It was said that this left the spiritual walls of protection around the nation unmanned, and that this was the cause of the "Broken Cross" invasion of America in the spirit. Two months later, the Net of Prayer was reactivated, and Chuck says that he was called back to that ministry to begin the first warfare on November 12, 1981.

That was the day that changed my life, as I wrote in my books, The Wars of the Lord and chapter 3 of Hearing God's Voice. It was the day that I joined the NOP without realizing it, and thus got caught up in a spiritual battle that I did not understand until later.

Anyway, over the years I have watched September 2, because every so often signs appear on that date which reveal something about the significance of this spiritual invasion of America in 1981.

Back in 1978 I wrote a book (now out of print) called The Babylonian Connection between Ancient and Modern Religions. You may be able to find a used copy in some book store somewhere, but they are quite scarce. I only have one personal copy for my library. This book traced many modern beliefs to what was taught in the mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, Canaan, and Greece. I intended to write two sequels to that book, The Mormon Connection and The Mooney Connection. However, my new life after 1981 put an end to those plans, and those books were never written.

With the death of Rev. Moon on September 2nd, I could not help but see a connection. Why would he die on this date, when the original prophecy was that America would begin to die? Surely, Reverend Moon is not America! Or is he?

Most of you probably missed Reverend Moon's coronation as King of America back on March 23, 2004. It took place at the Dirkson Senate Office Building during the Peace Award ceremony.


More than a dozen lawmakers attended a congressional reception this year honoring the Rev. Sun Myung Moon in which Moon declared himself the Messiah and said his teachings have helped Hitler and Stalin be "reborn as new persons."

At the March 23 ceremony in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Rep. Danny K. Davis (D-Ill) wore white gloves and carried a pillow holding an ornate crown that was placed on Moon's head. The Korean-born businessman and religious leader then delivered a long speech saying he was "sent to Earth . . . to save the world's six billion people . . . Emperors, kings and presidents . . . have declared to all Heaven and Earth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is none other than humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent."

Details of the ceremony--first reported by Salon.com writer John Gorenfeld--have prompted several lawmakers to say they were misled or duped by organizers. Their complaints propted a Moon-affiliated Web site to remove a video of the "Crown of Peace" ceremony two days ago, but other Web sites have preserved details and photos....

Among the more than 300 people who attended all or part of the March ceremony was Sen. Mark Dayton (D-Minn), who now says he simply was honoring a constituent receiving a peace award and did not know Moon would be there. "We fell victim to it; we were duped," Dayton spokeswoman Chris Lisi said yesterday.

Senator Mark Dayton is now Governor Dayton of Minnesota.

The Washington Post published the report above. They compete with the Washington Times, which is owned by Reverend Moon's Unification Church. A congressional investigation in the late 1970's reported that Moon's Unification Church was a front for the South Korean CIA, which was engaged in secret influence peddling known as Korea-gate.


Reverend Moon is the man who would be king in America and the world itself, the supposed new Messiah. He felt it necessary to be recognized as the crowned king of America before returning to South Korea. Of course, his death itself proves that he was not the Messiah, since the law of God prophesies that the Messiah's first appearance would culminate with His death and resurrection, while His second appearance would not involve His death. This is prophesied in the two doves (Leviticus 14) and the two goats (Leviticus 16) and many other places.

When men usurp a calling that is not theirs, they end up paying its penalty. When Moon assumed the crown over America, he became a spiritual type of America and thus fulfilled the prophecy from 1981: "Today America begins to die." For that reason, it appears that Moon's death on September 2, 2012 is an indicator of something much bigger than anything on the surface. It foreshadows the death of America AS WE KNOW IT. This does not mean that everyone is going to be killed or that the nation's infrastructure will be destroyed. It means that the old order--which THEY call the New World Order--is about to die. This is the demise of Babylon, not the demise of the people or country.

I connect this to the prophecies of King Cyrus of Persia, who is called a "messiah" in Isaiah 45:1 and God's "shepherd" in Isaiah 44:28. Cyrus was a type of Christ, the true Messiah. When Babylon was overthrown in Daniel 5, the king was killed (Daniel 5:30). The "king," in this case, is Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

His death on this date indicates some major changes that are about to take place in the political arena of the United States. It appears that we might be very near to the end of America as we knew it. This is actually good news for true believers, though it will cause the Babylonians to weep and wail with despair, as the book of Revelation indicates.

Moon's death may also have repercussions at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, which was bailed out in 1995 by Reverend Moon's Unification Church with a loan of $3.5 million. It was reported that Falwell flew to South Korea secretly on January 9, 1994. The executive director of Falwell's Moral Majority was at one time Ronald S. Godwin, who later became vice president of Reverend Moon's Washington Times.

The reason why I had originally intended to write a book on The Mooney Connection was on account of their belief that Satan seduced Eve and produced Cain, and that the solution to that problem would come through sexual purification. Moon himself engaged in sex with many women as part of this belief system. Even within the Unification Church itself, there is debate over how many children Moon has fathered.

The point is that his belief system follows the basic teaching of the Mystery Religions of the ancient world. They taught that man "fell" through seven stages, each stage represented by a planet. (In those days, the sun and moon were the final two planets.) The final act of the fall of Adam and Eve was sexual relations, said to by symbolized by the moon. So Sun Myung Moon was named to represent the sun and the moon, thereby supposedly recognizing him as the one with the right to purify women through sexual relations.

The Tower of Babel was a stepped pyramid having seven "steps" that represented these seven planets. There was a temple on its top with a dome of blue-green glass, from which men could "reach heaven" (Genesis 11:4). Their belief was that this was a portal to heaven from which they could spring into the heavens. The tower of Babel was imitated by Neal Frisby of Phoenix, Arizona when he built his Capstone Cathedral.


Frisby claimed to have direct revelation from God that the rapture would take place at his cathedral. He claimed that God would tell him when the rapture would take place, so that all the people could gather at the Capstone Cathedral and from there they would spring into the heavens. It makes me wonder if he also believes the doctrines of sexual purification that were taught by the Mystery religions.

Such doctrines were openly taught in the Unification Church and more covertly, with some modifications, in the Mormon Church. These were brought into Mormonism by Brigham Young, who imported Masonic teaching into the Mormon Church around 1835. Brigham Young turned the Mormon Church into a Mormon Masonic Lodge. Albert Pike admits on page 22 of his book, Morals and Dogma, "Masonry, successor of the Mysteries, still follows the ancient manner of teaching." On page 23 he writes,

"Though Masonry is identical with the ancient Mysteries, it is so only in this qualified sense: that it presents but an imperfect image of their brilliancy, the ruins only of their grandeur, and a system that has experienced progressive alterations, the fruits of social events, political circumstances, and the ambitious imbecility of its improvers."

This is what Brigham Young brought to Mormonism in the early days of its development. It is not part of Christianity, though its present-day leaders are trying hard to "normalize" it and make it appear to be genuine Christianity.

The problem is that the ancient Mystery Religions of Babylon and Egypt are alive and well today in many forms, each form calling itself by a different name. It is important that we understand these things, so that we are not duped into joining or supporting the Mystery Religions that Scripture condemns.



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