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The Buddhist statue with the inverted Nazi symbol

Sep 29, 2012

A thousand year old statue has hit the news lately, which has significance in regard to our Angel of the Waters prayer campaign in July 2011.

Recall that last July the Dalai Lama went to Washington D.C. to preside over a Buddhist ceremony to bring 722 of their gods into the city. This is part of their campaign for the Buddhization of the world and to influence legislation in America.

We were called to "just say no," in our prayer campaign from July 15-20, 2011. We then understood that we would see those gods (spirits) take an alternative target in some area that was more vulnerable, a country whose watchmen did not discern the danger. So on July 22, 2011 the massacre occurred in Oslo, Norway, in which a neo-Nazi killed dozens of children at an island camp.

So how does Buddhism connect to the Nazi movement? That was the topic that I discussed in my weblog for July 23, 2011.


At the time, I did not know about this Buddhist statue, which portrays the inverted Nazi cross on his belt. It was discovered in 1938 by a Nazi expedition led by Ernst Schafer. The Nazis took that symbol, inverted it, and made it their own.


The statue is believed to represent a stylistic hybrid between the Buddhist and pre-Buddhist Bon culture that portrays the god Vaisravana, the Buddhist King of the North, also known as Jambhala in Tibet....

It was discovered in 1938 by an expedition of German scientists led by renowned zoologist Ernst Schafer.

The expedition was supported by Nazi SS Chief Heinrich Himmler and the entire expeditionary team were believed to have been SS members.

Schafer would later claim that he accepted SS support to advance his scientific research into the wildlife and anthropology of Tibet.

However, historians believe Himmler's support may have been based on his belief that the origins of the Aryan race could be found in Tibet....

It is unknown how the statue was discovered, but it is believed that the large swastika carved into the centre of the figure may have encouraged the team to take it back to Germany.

Once it arrived in Munich it became part of a private collection and only became available for study following an auction in 2007.


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