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Saul Church on trial

Sep 17, 2012

The Church is called to fulfill the Abrahamic covenant to be a blessing to all families of the earth. Unfortunately, the Church has done little better than the Israelites in the Old Testament, or the Jews today in the Israeli state. Somehow they all missed the heart of God and did not possess the mind of Christ, for they thought that all the families of the earth were to become a blessing to the Israelites or to the Church. Self-interest ruled the day.

When Kevin Annett was assigned to his mission in Canada as a young minister for the United Church of Canada, he had no idea what kind of problem he would soon find and what work he would actually be doing. He writes this:

The time has come to end our complicity in mass murder.


Our exposure of the Canadian genocide has simultaneously indicted the social order that gave rise to it. Euro-Canadian Christian society as a whole stands condemned in the dock alongside those persons who ran the Indian residential schools, sterilized and murdered children, spread smallpox, and dug mass graves.


Despite their best efforts to ignore this fact and contain the whole matter with pseudo “apologies”, the Canadian government and its partner Catholic, Anglican and United churches now face the same kind of historical reckoning that Nazi Germany did after its defeat in 1945: an awakening to their own criminal nature.



Keep in mind that this past year (2012) has been "The Year of Awakening." See my FFI for November 2011. This trail is "an awakening to their own criminal nature," which is one aspect of the divine purpose for the year 2012.

On September 15, 2012 a Public International Court of Justice was convened against the United Church of Canada, the Anglican Church, the Vatican, and other church organizations that were involved or complicit in the genocidal policies toward aboriginal tribes in Canada. The institutional church was foreshadowed by the two great prophetic types of the Church: King Saul and Eli the high priest. Their day of reckoning is near, as the overcomers emerge. Read about it here.

Under the authority of that Tribunal as well as Common Law and the Natural Land Law Jurisdiction of Sovereign Nations, I declare that as of this day, Saturday, September 15, 2012, a Public International Court of Justice is hereby convened to consider evidence related to charges of crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy by institutions of church and state, and their fiduciary officers.

The crimes that will be documented and judged in our Court are abominable and almost unimaginable. They span centuries, and range from outright murder to systematic torture, rape, slave labor, germ warfare, medical experimentation, drug testing, involuntary sterilizations, child trafficking, genocide and wars of extermination against peaceful nations. These crimes are all the more heinous by the fact that they were often aimed at children and occured not randomly by isolated individuals, but historically, systematically, deliberately, and officially, by express command of heads of church and state according to their laws and customs – and by the fact that many of these crimes carry on today against the innocent at the hands of the same authorizing institutions and heads of state...

The purpose of our Common Law Court is to do precisely that. Our Court has standing under not only the customary right of citizens to pursue justice and defend their communities, but by our relationship with the courts of various nations that claim universal jurisdiction over human rights cases. The evidence presented before our Court will also be filed in these national courts that do not operate under the authority or legal systems of the various powers we will be naming as defendants, such as the so-called Crown of England and its Admiralty laws, or the Vatican and its so-called Canon laws.


 COMMENT: Keep in mind the timing of this event. It is related to the "July is like September" revelation. On July 14, three of us spent the day in St. Paul delivering the divine verdict against the four aspects of Mystery Babylon: Judicial, Financial, Religious, and Political. We finished by the end of the afternoon of July 14. Two months later, September 15, this Court began its hearings against Church and State institutions.

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