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JP Morgan losing the silver war

Sep 25, 2012

Bix Weir writes:

The long awaited finale of the silver manipulation is upon us. JP Morgan has doubled their naked short position in the past few months in order to STOP the rising price of silver and yet the price has still risen over 30%. Their short position is known by all...including the Good Guys. Word on the street is they HAVE to protect $36 silver in the longer dated silver derivatives. Jim Willie reports that if silver holds over $36 for 60 days JP Morgan is doomed. I doubt it would need 60 days as other events will likely force the issue.
Jeffrey Christian has told all of his clients to short gold and silver signaling to the cabal that they need to slam the price ASAP or JP Morgan will be destroyed. Jeffrey Christian is a very lousy poker player.

With JP Morgan betting on lower prices for silver, they stand to lose billions of dollars if the price goes above $36. You can do your part in this war just by buying a bit of silver, like a silver dollar from any coin dealer.

I have also been informed that Inter Mountain Precious Metals in Idaho has a good stock of silver, for those of you who may be in the market for larger amounts of silver. You can call Nathan at 208-454-3200.

That's a free ad, by the way. I make no kickbacks.

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