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Jew interviewed at DNC sees Christian Zionism for what it is

Sep 06, 2012

This video is about 1 minute in length and well worth watching.


This is the dirty little secret that the prophecy teachers have tried to downplay in recent years. They finance Jewish immigration to Israel, while at the same time believing that Armageddon is soon coming, in which all but 144,000 Jews will die.

In an Israeli-Jewish population of 6 million people (not including Jews in other countries), that means these Christians expect 97.6% of Israeli Jews to die in the coming holocaust. Not to worry, they say. Jesus will come at the last minute and save the day for the remaining 2.4% who survive and accept Jesus when they see Him coming on the clouds. I wonder how close He will have to get to earth before they recognize Him. Will Jesus look like the traditional paintings? Perhaps the TV cameras will get a few close-up shots of him a few miles up, so the 144,000 will accept Him before He arrives. After all, when He arrives, won't it be too late? Or is it only too late for Gentiles?

The Jew interviewed above understands that Christians are trying to hasten the return of Jesus Christ by giving Jews free tickets to Armageddon. He has no trouble figuring out that such Christians are NOT friends of the Jews, in spite of their loud protests. But perhaps he does not understand Christian blindness, since he is going by normal logic. Blindness makes illogical beliefs seem quite logical.

Most Jews themselves are NON-ZIONISTS. That is why there are more Jews in America than in the nation called Israel. They have no intention of moving to the most dangerous place on earth, run by one of the most dangerous warmongers on the planet. It is obvious that the Jew being interviewed is NOT a Zionist.


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