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Iraqi President Talibani to return to Iraq September 17

Sep 16, 2012


 President Talibani has been in Germany since June 17 for knee surgery. It is widely believed that his return is necessary to conclude much parliamentary business either to conclude a "No Confidence" vote against Prime Minister Maliki, or to pass key legislation that is necessary before the dinar can revalue.

Take note that September 17 is the Feast of Trumpets and is one of our watch dates. Operation Jericho concluded on September 17, 2011 (one year ago).

Talabani is to arrive Sulaimaniyah tomorrow.
16/09/2012 18:35:00

Sulaimaniyah / Nina / An official of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) said that President Jalal Talabani will arrive in the Kurdistan region on tomorrow coming from Germany.

Abdul Razak Sharif the media director of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan told the National Iraqi News Agency /NINA/: "President Jalal Talabani is supposed to arrive tomorrow and there will be a private ceremony to receive him."

Talabani left on 17, June to Germany for the purpose of treating his left knee./


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