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Ex-CIA head of Bin Laden Unit speaks out

Sep 20, 2012

The title of this interview is grossly misleading, but it is a very enlightening video of an ex-CIA officer (until 2004), who was at one time the head of the CIA's Bin Laden Unit. His name is Michael Scheuer, and his analysis is interesting.


In speaking on the opposition to America throughout the Islamic world, he says, "Opposition is due to foreign policy support for Israel and the Saudi police state."

About the Arab Spring, which is the "Democracy" movement in Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, and Syria, we have already seen General Wesley Clark's admission that this was planned in the USA at least as far back as September 2001 when it was first presented to him. It was not a spontaneous movement at all. I have written in past weblogs that I believe this policy was designed to bring about turmoil in order to precipitate a Middle Eastern war with Israel, according to the Pike Plan. Mr. Scheuer says the plan to bring democracy to the Islamic world is stupid at best, yet his statement implies that it was a deliberate part of US foreign policy.

"American and "Western foreign policy interests in the Middle East have depended for 50 years on the maintenance of tyranny--tyranny that gave us access to oil, tyranny that protected Israel, and in the last 20 years, tyranny that persecuted Islamists to protect us."

I have been saying this as well. It is good to hear it from the CIA. We supported all sorts of dictators, including Saddam Hussein in Iraq, essentially hiring them to enforce secular governments that would keep the Islamists in check. We needed to keep the islamists in check in order to protect ourselves and the Israelis from the inevitable backlash since the Israeli state was created in 1948.

So why would US foreign policy suddenly turn on those same dictators? Why would they have to be overthrown? Was it really to establish "democracy"? Of course not. It was to start moving us to World War 3 according to the Pike Plan. Those same planners do not want democracy, nor are they interested in peace. They are interested in causing a great war that will kill millions, disillusion Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike, thereby making them ripe for Luciferianism--which was Albert Pike's religion.

Of course, we know that Pike's plan will fail in the end, but I do not think God will stop it until Jerusalem has been destroyed and the "bondwoman" cast out. Luciferianism itself will be exposed for the evil religion it is, for God will pour out His Spirit, and the Kingdom of God will rise up as the great Stone Kingdom of Daniel 2:35.

Mr. Scheuer also gives his opinion of America's foreign policy planners:

"We are very efficient in this day and age in the last 20 years in creating enemies. We're not very efficient in creating security for the United States. We have the best educated population in the world, and we have the people with the littlest common sense."

He explains how we are committed to support the Saudi government on account of the oil agreement 40 years ago, which created the Petro-dollar (oil-based dollar). He concludes that until we recognize the real causes of the present turmoil and anti-American sentiment, we will not even begin to resolve it. He also blasts our past few presidents for refusing to admit that this is a religious war. His conclusion:

"So as long as we're side by side with the Saudis and with the Israelis, we are stuck in the Middle East, and America will continue to bleed."


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