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Bearing Witness Website Launch

Sep 24, 2012

Posted by Thom Mills of the BibleStudyStorehouse.com

During our Connecting weekend event some weeks ago, it was recognised that there needed to be an on-line location for people to be able to share their God sightings, revelations, spirtual warfare, etc. with one another.  This need was seen based on the recognition that 1) it is often through the collaborate revelation of many parts of the Body that revelation is made more complete and 2) many will email god sighting to Stephen Jones, James Brueggmen, Ron Oja or others as often they feel they have no other means of communicating this information to the rest of the Body.

This new site, Bearing Witness, is meant to address this need.  Bearing Witness is a private by-invitation-only website / blog that can only be read and written to by those invited to have access.  

What does private mean? The blog can not (to our knowledge) be found via a google search.  If indeed it is found or someone obtains the link, it can only be viewed by those that have permission to view it.  It can be said that nothing on the internet is private by definition, but we feel this gives a substantial level of privacy.

This by-invitation-only strategy has been adopted for a few reasons:

  1. to allow those that post a certain sence of security that what can be personal information is not completely public.
  2. to allow any with access to post comments without dedicated monitoring
  3. to create a strong sense of community amongst the members
  4. to create a space where both recognised leaders and all individuals with access can connect with out frivilous interaction that can come when access and content is completely public

It is not our intention to be exclusive.  Indeed, please consider this posting to be an invitation to join the Bearing Witness website.  We do require, though, that you have reviewed and are knowledgeable in the following materials:

Please send your request for access to thom@randomize.com.  I will respond with a mini quiz based on these materials and you will be granted access based on that quizz.

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Thom Mills

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