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The window of opportunity for an Israeli strike against Iran

Aug 15, 2012


Ex-CIA Analyst Tells Us The Real Reason Israel Wants To Strike Iran Before The US Election

For months senior Israeli officials have said the "window of opportunity" for attacking Iran's nuclear facilities is "before the U.S. presidential election in November" because Iran's nuclear facilities will soon be in fortified underground bunkers out of the reach of Israeli bombs.

But former CIA analyst Ray McGovern believes that delaying Iran's nuclear capabilities is not the primary concern of a military strike, but simply the pretext....

A potential loss of leverage after Nov. 6 would explain the current drumbeat of war being played by Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak...

"Netanyahu feels, with good reason, that he's got Obama in a corner for these next three months," McGovern said. "If he's right about Obama jumping in with both feet—and I think Obama would do that—even though Israeli generals are advising that it could be a disaster, [then] Netanyahu is willing to try it....."

For its part the Obama administration has been doing everything it can—short of saying that it would not back an Israeli strike—to delay an attack. Beyond offering firepower in exchange for waiting until after the election, U.S. officials informed Israel that staunch American ally Saudi Arabia vowed to take down any Israeli jet flying in its airspace.

Comment: If the Israelis take this "window of opportunity" to attack Iran, my guess is that it will occur on or shortly after Rosh Hoshana (Sept. 17). If they do this, it is almost a certainty that this will lead to a wider war that will ultimately result in a nuclear exchange in that region and also the destruction of the Israeli state, along with Damascus and a number of other major Arab cities.

I have understood that Iran (Persia) has a function in the overthrow of modern Babylon and its counterfeit "manchild" (Israeli state), but I have also felt that Saudi Arabia could very well be the country that finishes the job. Years ago it was reported by Howard Blum in his book, The Gold of Exodus, that the Saudis have a nuclear missile base near the original Mount Horeb. Horeb is located in the land of Midian, which is (as Paul tells us in Gal. 4:25) in Arabia--not the Sinai Peninsula, which is Egypt.

Because the Israelis claim the Old Covenant as their source of law and inspiration, it is only fitting that they should be brought to judgment by the original Mount Horeb, where that covenant was made. Essentially, they appealed to Moses to justify themselves, and so I believe that Moses has taken up the case from Horeb.

So perhaps the Saudi warning in the article above should be taken seriously. Keep your potassium iodate handy. You may need it soon. For those who have procrastinated, we still have a supply on hand, and you can order a supply from our Health Products section.

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