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Cease and Desist order against UBS (Babylon)

Aug 15, 2012


This is a Cease and Desist order to Union Bank of Switzerland in regard to the bonds that they brokered back in the 1960's on behalf of US President Kennedy and Indonesian President Soekarno as per the Green Hilton Agreement, signed Nov. 14, 1963.

This Agreement was to fund silver/gold backed money to replace the Federal Reserve Notes. The gold and silver was shipped, even though Kennedy was assassinated 9 days later. If you scroll down past the Cease and Desist order, you will see the actual photo copies of the Agreement signed by the three parties involved. These pictures are extraordinary, in that I do not think they have ever been published in public until now.

The gold and silver was LOANED to the US Treasury and was to be repaid in gold when the bonds matured. I believe they were 40-year bonds, but have not been able to confirm this. All we know is that some years ago these bonds began to mature one by one, but when the owners tried to collect what was owed to them, they were always refused, and some were even arrested. To this day, UBS has refused to cash those bonds, because the gold and silver is mostly gone, and any settlement would involve acknowledging the bankruptcy of the entire system. This would force them legally to change the entire system to an asset-backed currency, according to the demands of the Eastern Kings.

This is a very large issue that is behind much of the financial collapse that we see today. It is also the heart of the financial war between East and West, that is, the Kings of the East vs. the Kings of the Babylonian West.

If you look at the gold contracts, you will see the amount (in Kilograms) that was loaned to the US Treasury for the purpose of setting up an honest money system. This is actually only a small portion of the total that was shipped, beginning in 1928 under an earlier agreement in 1921 to pool the world's gold resources in the so-called "Collateral Accounts."

If you can understand this issue, you will know a lot more about the soon-coming downfall of Mystery Babylon. It is collapsing because of debt, as prophesied in Daniel 5 with the Handwriting on the Wall. Those were bankruptcy proceedings.

MENE = Audited (the numbers were crunched)
MENE = Audited again
TEKEL = Balancing the books and found to be broke
PERES = Sold at auction to the Medes and Persians

This Cease and Desist order is one more nail in the coffin as the foreclosure proceeds against the Babylonian banking system.

I suspect that some very significant events will occur on our watch dates from Sept. 11-22, 2012.

This change is God's doing, and He is using the Kings of the East to accomplish His will, as prophesied in Rev. 16:12. In the fall of the original Babylon in Daniel's day, those eastern kings were Darius the Mede and Cyrus of Persia. Cyrus was a type of Christ (Isaiah 45:1) and God's "shepherd" (Is. 44:28). His father-in-law, Darius, actually took Babylon on behalf of Cyrus, and organized the kingdom into 120 provinces (Dan. 6:1). The number 120 is the biblical number associated with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Darius also set Daniel as the chief governor, and we know that Daniel represented the overcomers of his day.

Daniel had nothing to fear from Darius or Cyrus. Neither do we, as believers, have anything to fear from the Kings of the East. They are God's agents of change, whether they know it or not. Even as Cyrus issued a decree setting the people free (Ezra 1:1-4), so also will these Eastern Kings set us free--glory to God, of course.

Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh.

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