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What is a secular nation?

Jul 30, 2012

A secular nation is one that does not recognize the sovereignty of God over it. It believes that the top government officials are accountable to no one else, and that their will is law. Nothing is a crime to them, because, as Nixon once said, if the president does it, it is not a crime. That is the posion also of an absolute monarchy.

When there is no accountability to God, the nation's leaders assume to role of determining the rights of the people. Our founders recognized that all rights come from God alone, and that government issues only permits and privileges. They recognized that government is here to defend the rights that God has given us and has no power to alter or deny those rights.

It appears that now the government condones the sale of body parts from the Ukraine to a US company with a body part factory in Germany.

On February 24, Ukrainian authorities made an alarming discovery: bones and other human tissues crammed into coolers in a grimy white minibus....

The seized documents suggested that the remains of dead Ukrainians were destined for a factory in Germany belonging to the subsidiary of a US medical products company, Florida-based RTI Biologics.

RTI is one of a growing industry of companies that make profits by turning mortal remains into everything from dental implants to bladder slings to wrinkle cures. The industry has flourished even as its practices have roused concerns about how tissues are obtained and how well grieving families and transplant patients are informed about the realities and risks of the business.

A secular government assumes the place of God and then its privileges suddenly become rights as it sees fit.

Every sin that government commits needs another bandaid to counter its side-effects ("judgments of God"). It is not long before government officials cast off the yoke of their own laws and assume the position of absolute monarchs. This is essentially what Thomas Drake objected to in the video interview that I posted earlier today. He rightly understood that those who participate or cover up the crimes take on the liability of the crimes as if they were criminals. He chose to become a whistleblower.

However, when government officials act dishonorably, they do so with the intent to cover up their crimes, and if any honorable man dares to expose them, they bring the full weight of government pressure against them. They can truly make life miserable for anyone who dares to stand up for what is right. Worse yet, they persecute the honorable ones on the grounds that exposing government crimes would dishonor the nation and bring the nation into disrepute.

It is the dishonorable criminals who bring disrepute to the nation, not those who expose them. But the cardinal rule of men's governments is to never admit wrongdoing, lest dishonor come upon the nation.

This is why secular governments always become corrupt in the end. They cast off one restraint after another, because they feel no responsibility to God.

The only thing worse than this, in my opinion, is a Christian government that acts as if it has a license to sin with immunity from God. It was because we have seen such lawless religious powers in the earth in years past that God sold those Christian governments into the hands of lawless secularpowers.

The earth needs the overcomers, for by definition they are the ones who are qualified to rule honorably and impartially without being turned aside by threats or bribes. We already made that appeal to the Divine Court on Nov. 29, 1993, and it appears that we have arrived at the end of the divine visitation (investigation). The verdict was given on July 14, 2012, justifying the righteous and condemning the wicked. The executioner now awaits his final orders.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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