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New technology may put Detroit's automakers out of business

Jul 09, 2012

You don't have to understand Chinese to see that this new hover-car will soon take the world by storm. It is now available in China, built by Volkswagen, and I suspect that when they decide to sell it here at a low low price (made in China), the other automakers will be put out of business.

Unless, of course, they step up to the plate and compete, instead of suppressing all that technology. For decades the big US automakers have bought patents that would allow cars to run on water or air instead of gasoline. Some technology would allow cars to get 300 miles per gallon of fuel. But they have suppressed that technology, because they have agreements with the big oil companies and the state politicians.

State politicians are concerned because their road construction and repairs are supported by gasoline taxes. If people start running their cars on water or air, they won't be able to collect taxes on gasoline. So rather than change the system, they betray the people who have elected them.

It appears that China and Volkswagen are about to break that conspiracy. This is just a simple car. Wait until they begin using this technology for boats and airplanes. This is the earliest beginning of a technological revolution that has the potential of bringing down the rich and powerful who control Mystery Babylon largely through the profits from oil companies.

It is also no coincidence that this is first coming out of China. China has decided not to suppress that technology, and they now have the power to break the oil monopolies and their strangle hold on Western politics.

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