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Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) pronounced dead

Jul 17, 2012

The Washington Times published an article on July 16:


The United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty now has 34 senators opposed to it and thus lacks the Senate votes needed for U.S. ratification, a key opponent of the treaty announced Monday....

The Law of the Sea Treaty, which entered into force in 1994 and has been signed and ratified by 162 countries, establishes international laws governing the maritime rights of countries. The treaty has been signed but not ratified by the U.S., which would require two-thirds approval of the Senate.

Critics of the treaty argue that it would subject U.S. sovereignty to an international body, require American businesses to pay royalties for resource exploitation and subject the U.S. to unwieldy environmental regulations as defined....

“With 34 senators against the misguided treaty, LOST will not be ratified by the Senate this year,” Mr. DeMint said in a statement on his website.


This is the core issue that we were dealing with last Saturday, July 14. It is the issue that is under the jurisdiction of the Angel of the Waters. Recall last year's prayer campaign to deal with the Dalai Lama's attempt to open a spiritual portal over Washington DC to affect legislation and to bring in the 721 gods of Buddhism. His "prayer campaign" went from July 6-16, 2011.

This date of July 16 has come up now a year later, showing that the underlying issue has a lot to do with the law of the seas, or admiralty law.

The root issue goes back to Genesis at the time of Noah's flood. After the flood, God promised by a rainbow that the waters would no longer cover the earth. The distinction between earth and sea comes also with two different sets of laws to govern each realm. So even though we are in a parallel time to "the days of Noah," the promise of God is that the law of sea will remain separate from the law of the land.

In other words, this attempt by the Babylonian system to impose the law of the sea upon our land and replace Constitutional "law of the land' by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which is the international "law of the sea," will ultimately fail.

It appears that last year's decree to "just say no" to the Dalai Lama's attempt on July 16 is being seen more clearly a year later.

Actually, this main battle began three years ago on July 9, 2009 with another court case in Chicago. That case resulted in a decree of judgment upon Discover Card, and as you may recall, the name Goliath comes from a Hebrew word that means Discover.

It is a tough fight, but we are winning. God loves to pretend like He is losing in order to give the arrogant enemy a false sense of security.

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