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July 20 massacre in Colorado parallel to Oslo last year

Jul 22, 2012

We were out of town from Thursday to Sunday evening, and were out of the news loop. When we arrived home, July 22, we learned of the Colorado shooting spree that killed 12 people and injured another 58.


We were expecting some type of incident like this to occur around this time. The reason is because of our recent St. Paul trip, and the fact that we often see a backlash as the result of our success.

Last year, after we denied the 722 gods of the Dalai Lama access to Washington DC on July 15, we suspected that we would see an alternate target hit in some other country. A target that was easier because it was more vulnerable. The Oslo (Norway) massacre of 77 people occurred on 7/22. I even made the connection between the 722 gods and 7/22 on the calendar. So we believe that this location was chosen because those false gods were denied access to their primary target.

That warfare extended from July 15-20, 2011, beginning with our prayer on July 15 to block the Dalai Lama's attempt. It ended on July 20 when we were required to answer our opponents' appeal to the Divine Court. This year, the warfare began on July 14, and the Colorado shooting occurred July 20. The dates are very close to last year's campaign.

There is an obvious connection between the events in Oslo and Aurora, Colorado.

You can read more about it here:

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There are other weblogs as well which go into further detail. You can find them in the archives.

I have not yet had time to focus on this latest incident, nor to pray about it, so I do not know any other details at this time. Perhaps more will unfold in the days ahead.

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